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NOLA “Detournement” in Solidarity Against Big Oil

26 Mar

OIL LA Mcbillboard

Message from an anonymous communique sent off the streets of New Orleans to the EF! Newswire:

“With dawn approaching on the morning of March 24th, after a night of revelry involving freakshows and failed attempts at ordering broccoli sandwiches, we biked to the Franklin Avenue railroad overpass in the 8th Ward of New Orleans to make our voices heard and have our solidarity recognized.



There were four of us.

With two lookouts, our two ninjas fastened the banner to the overpass, not yet flipping it over to face the highway on ramp, making our scandalous activities and whereabouts known. The banner read:


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Blow, Blow Seminole Wind…

23 Aug

If you thought the anarchists could really piss off the US Empire, check out the Seminole resistance to honky expansionism. The story mentioned above is a bit lopsided in favor of the establishment, but give it a read, you’ll get the idea…

Blow across the home of the bureaucrats, the lobbyists and the cops

by Clinton Tyree

While the Tampa police and several media outlets obsess about whether or not some bricks and pipes on top of a building were intended to be launched at their heads during the RNC next week, the potential for much more substantial projectiles is brewing off the coast.

According to a recent report, Hurricane Isaac Threatens to Swamp Republican Convention, the Mayor says he’s ready to call it all off. So far the storm, already as big as Texas, has succeeded in hitting the empire where it hurts, causing hundreds to evacuate to the US military base in Guantanamo Bay.

This lovely report reminds us, “The last Hurricane to hit Florida, Wilma, was a Catagory 1 but did billions in damage.”

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Greek rebels smash up McDonalds

29 Jun

Austerity riots continue in Greece, smashing corporate shops and fighting the police. Check out some video footage from yesterday…