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Sierra Club Announces Direct Action to Stop Tar Sands?!?

22 Jan
Syncrude Operations effluent pipe and tailings, Alberta, Canada

Syncrude Operations effluent pipe and tailings, Alberta, Canada. Pic from Sierra Club website

Big Green Plans Civil Disobedience for First Time in Organization’s History

“If you could do it nonstop, it would take you six days to walk from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond to President Barack Obama’s White House. For the Sierra Club, that journey has taken much longer. For 120 years, we have remained committed to using every “lawful means”… Now, for the first time in our history, we are prepared to go further.” —Michael Brune, Sierra Club Executive Director

Could this be a sign that an era of ecological mass movement is upon us? We’d hate to get too enthusiastic about the folks at Sierra Club finally making the right choice on dropping their policy against civil disobedience so shortly after the Carl Pope/Chesapeake Gas scandal, but the results of this decision could certainly change the game up a bit.Yes, it might be time for you radicals to suck it up, start going to your local Sierra meetings and reach outside your anarcho-clique…   [Read an update to this post below. 1/24/13]

But don’t think this means we’ll get to sit and relax while watching the liberals exercise their spines on the blockade. As always, the role of Earth First! is to keep pushing the envelope—until said envelope has been reduced to ashes. So, let’s take this as one step towards that burning green fire of liberation.

Here’s what Sierra’s official press release had to say:

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