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Irish Teens Toss 25 Molotovs at Loyalist and Police in N. Ireland

13 Apr

[As the G8 prepares for meeting in Northern Ireland this Summer, it seems anti-colonial militants and rebellious youth are gearing up as well. Or, maybe they’re just excited about Margaret Thatcher finally kickin’ the bucket… For more background on G8 preparations, check out an article featured last week on the EF! Newswire “Climate Justice, Global Capitalism and Lingering Troubles of Colonial Occupation”]

from the Belfast TelegraphN_Ireland_News_9-1__615051t

Twenty-five Molotov cocktails were hurled during street disturbances in Northern Ireland by children as young as 14, police have said.

The disorder broke out at an interface area in Derry, when youngsters began throwing stones from the mainly nationalist Bishop Street into the loyalist Fountain estate, according to police. Continue reading

Riot in the streets of London!

26 Mar

Several hundred masked protesters clashed with police, attacked shops and occupied a top store in London after hundreds of thousands of people rallied against government austerity measures. Clad in black and covering their faces with scarves, the protesters clashed with police, hurling fireworks, petrol bombs and paint. Clothes store Topshop and bank HSBC had their windows smashed, while some protesters hurled missiles at London's landmark Ritz Hotel. Others lit a bonfire at Oxford Circus, in the heart of the shopping district.

Riot cops, bagpipers, steel bands, choirs and dancers were also out for the event.

Watch a video of the event: