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Hundreds of Thousands of Dead Fish Float to the Surface of Two Chinese Rivers

28 May

by Jake Maxwell Watts / Quartz

chinadeadfishLast week was not a good time to be a fish in Yunnan. Just a few days apart, the southern Chinese province suffered two mass die-offs—around 100 tons of fish on a Nanpan River reservoir and a massive 1,200 tons on the Sinan River.

The causes are elusive, but it’s the fourth time that fish have died on the Nanpan in as many years. A previous incident in October 2009 raised suspicions that a chemical plant upriver may have been responsible. Pointing fingers seems like a natural response, given previous cases—just last week eight people were arrested, including legal representatives of a mining company, for deliberately dumping chemicals in another local river. And it’s not just Yunnan. A policeman who saved a 14-year-old girl from a Wenzhou city river on Friday also ended up in hospital from exposure to pollution.

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