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Argentina: Natural Gas Leak Causes Deadly Residential Blast

7 Aug


by Jonathan Gilbert / NY Times

Twelve people died and at least 60 more were injured, officials said Tuesday, in an explosion in the center of Rosario, Argentina’s third largest city, with 1.2 million people. A gas leak from the ground floor of a residential building caused the blast on Tuesday morning, Mónica Fein, the mayor of Rosario, confirmed. Witnesses said it felt like an earthquake. “I woke up and there were no walls,” said Franco Járiton, who lived on the seventh floor. News channels showed that the middle block of the building, which was nine stories tall, had collapsed. There are fears that two adjoining blocks, which are badly damaged, will also fall. Fifteen people were missing. Neighbors said they had called the provincial gas company hours before the explosion, warning of a strong gas smell. The company, Litoral Gas, said it had not received any calls.

EPA Refuses to Finalize Study Blaming Water Pollution on Fracking

22 Jun

The article below reports on the EPA’s refusal to publish data on the health effects of fracking in the United States. This is nothing more than a political move from corrupt informants–the stunning number of independent studies which nearly all agree on the countless negative effects of fracking make the EPA’s irrelevance clear. We can’t trust our political system to do anything for us; we have to put our participation and support into grassroots and community-centered movements who can delegitimize and dismantle all systems of ecological destruction. – Earth First! Newswire

Photo by J.B.Pribanic for PublicHerald.org.

Photo by J.B.Pribanic for PublicHerald.org.

from RT

The US Environmental Protection Agency has dropped its plans to further investigate whether or not fracking led to the contamination of a Wyoming aquifer, and the agency no longer plans to write a report on the matter.

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The Boston Marathon Bombing, Chechnya and Ecocidal Tendencies

20 Apr

by Panagioti, Earth First! Newswire

Lake Kezenoy-am (Lake Goluboye, Russian: Кезенойам, Голубое; Chechen: Къоьзаной-Iaм) is a lake in Chechnya near border with Dagestan, Russia that goes through Andiyskiy Khrebet (Andian Ridge); later the border of Dagestan went into Chechnya taking half of the lake in to Dagestan. It is situated at an altitude of 1870 m above sea level and fills and area of 2.4 km². The maximum depth of the lake is 74 m. In winter the surface of the lake freezes and in summer the water temperature is around 5 °C. The lake water has a year-round supply of oxygen in which plankton survive. Salmo ezenami, a rare species of trout, are native only to the lake; however their population is threatened with extinction due to the introduction of European chubs (Squalius cephalus) which consume the fry of the Salmo

Tired of looking at the same blurry images of the Brothers Tsarnaev? Here’s Lake Kezenoy-am (Chechen: Къоьзаной-Iaм) in Chechnya near border with Dagestan, Russia that goes through Andiyskiy Khrebet (Andian Ridge). Salmo ezenami, a rare species of trout, are native only to the lake; however their population is threatened with extinction.

There a good chance that you are reading this now because of our initial post on the Boston Marathon bombing, “A Tale of Two Terrorisms,” going viral last week, catching the eye of a couple hundred thousand readers (the post was just one short story in an extensive series of articles on drones, repression and the techno-industrial empire). Within a few days it seemed everyone was disturbingly trying to boost their social media hits by referencing Boston, for example the Westboro Baptists claiming it was “God” who brought on the carnage because Massachusetts was the first state to pass same-sex marriage.

By now, I’d guess that you already know more about the alleged young Chechen bombers, the brothers Tsarnaev, than you know about most of your own next door neighbors. But how much have you learned about the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and what some call “one of the bloodiest occupations of the 21st century”?

The mountains in the area Sharoi, Chechnya.

The mountains in the area Sharoi, Chechnya.

Yesterday, an EF! Newswire author hinted at the history: While the US stood as allies behind the Russian Federation’s chauvinism in Chechnya, the landscape was rendered, according to an aid to [Boris] Yeltsin, an “environmental wasteland.” Oil spills, radioactive pollution, and chemical spills resulted from the massive bombardment of Chechnya. Half of Chechnya today is officially considered a “zone of ecological disaster” by the Russian Federation. Continue reading

Fracking: ACT 13, The Worst Is Coming

12 Mar

Article by Steven Rosenfeld, from Alternet.org

Pennsylvania, where the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution were signed and where the U.S. coal, oil and nuclear industries began, has adopted what may be the most anti-democratic, anti-environmental law in the country, giving gas companies the right to drill anywhere, overturn local zoning laws, seize private property and muzzle physicians from disclosing specific health impacts from drilling fluids on patients.

The draconian new law, known as Act 13, revises the state’s oil and gas statutes, to allow oil companies to drill for natural gas using the controversial process known as hydraulic fracturing or fracking, where large volumes of water and toxic chemicals are pumped into vertical wells with lateral bores to shatter the rock and release the hydrocarbons. The law strips rights from communities and individuals while imposing new statewide drilling rules. Continue reading

Irish protestors block Shell pipeline construction two days in a row

12 Jan


Activists with Shell to Sea rolled out their first wave of actions in the new year to disrupt construction of Shell’s natural gas pipeline in Mayo County, Ireland. The action started on January 7 with protestors waiting along the highway used to access the construction site. As trucks carrying gravel approached, the activist jumped in front of them to stop them. This was done several times until enough police arrived on the scene to arrest 3 of the protestors.

The following day activists were able to intercept a specialized tree cutting machine being used to clear the route for the pipeline. One person was able to climb on top of the machine and lock himself to it. It took three and a half hours for the cops to cut him free, all the while the entire road was blocked which prevented other construction equipment from getting to the site!



Commenting on the latest protests, Rossport Solidarity Camp spokesperson Con Coughlan stated, “This is the first disruption to Shell’s plans to lay the onshore pipeline this year but it most certainly won’t be the last. We call on everyone who is sick of the way that our democracy has been taken away from us because of unchecked corporate power, to come and support this community in their struggle to have a say what happens in their area.”

The pipeline is part of the Corrib Gas Project which seeks to bring gas from offshore wells to a refinery 9km inland. The pipeline route cuts through the community of Rossport where there is widespread opposition to the project. Direct action resistance to the pipeline construction began in 2005.

Rossport Solidarity Camp is calling for support in advance of this coming Friday the 13th of January. Friday is the first Day of Solidarity of the new year, when people from around Ireland are invited to join the protests for a day to show their support for the ongoing resistance to the Corrib Gas Project.

for more info check out: http://www.shelltosea.com




Protesters urge federal minister to stop Australian gas hub; 29 Arrested

7 Aug

Western Australia—The Federal Minister for Environment arrived in the Kimberley the morning of August 2nd as three arrests were made at the proposed James Price Point natural gas hub site. The massive new project is being forced on the community by the Australian government on behalf of Big Oil including Woodside Petroleum, Chevron, Shell, and BP.

There have now been 29 arrests in protest to the proposal which would signify the beginning of the industrialisation of the Kimberley. Two weeks ago, 5,000 people attended a protest at Cable Beach against the industrialisation of the Kimberley and the threat of turning Broome into a mining town.

Green turtle in pools below James Price Point/Walmadany. Photo by Rod Hartvigsen http://www.murranji.com.au

Environs Kimberley Director Martin Pritchard said: “An extremely damaging 30 year ‘forest war’ is coming to an end in Tasmania and the Prime Minister and Environment Minister Tony Burke have seen firsthand how damaging this has been environmentally, socially and economically. What we are seeing here now is the beginning of the fight against large scale industrialisation of the Kimberley.”


“Minister Burke has to decide on what his legacy will be for this spectacular part of the world–industrialisation or the protection of the outstanding international wilderness values of the Kimberley… Wilderness areas across the planet are being destroyed and we are lucky here in Australia that we can make a choice to protect the Kimberley. We are calling on the Australian Government to step in and save this place.”


For more information:

Links to more news from Kimberley:

Arrests at gas hub site

Three women have been arrested and charged with obstructing police during a protest near a proposed $30 billion gas hub site in the Kimberley.

Protesters urge federal minister to stop gas hub

Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke arrived in Broome this morning to a rapturous reception from anti-gas protestors, who have pinned their hopes on him refusing to grant environmental approval to the State Government’s proposed processing precinct at James Price Point.

Preventing Permits for Marcellus Shale Plus Video Link

19 Mar

West Virginia lawmakers are calling for a time out on Marcellus Shale drilling after the legislature failed to pass a bill regulating the industry.

Read more and see the video here:Preventing Permits for Marcellus Shale.