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Deutsche Bags, the Keylime XL Pipeline and a Week of Eco-Action to Remember

16 Mar

“…It was later learned that the group’s actions relate to their protest against the construction of the Keylime XL pipeline and finances for the project emanating from Deutsche Bank.”

—Officer Rodriguez, Palm Beach Police Probable Cause Affidavit

What a bunch a Deutsche Bags

No Officer, that ain’t Keylime emanating from Deutsche Bank.

Today kicks off a Week of Action to Stop Tar Sands Profiteers. As you may have heard, the good folks on the front lines of the tar sands resistance have called for solidarity with their ongoing effort of blockades along the route of Keystone XL construction.

What we have below are some lessons learned from an action in Florida last November, where amidst a call for solidarity with Tar Sands Blockaders fighting the Keystone XL pipeline, four people were arrested at Deutsche Bank (one of KXL’s many financiers). The protest took place on Palm Beach Island, a bastion of obscene wealth and elitism in south Florida.

No Officer, that ain't Keylime emanating from Deutsche Bank...

What a buncha Deutsche Bags! Click here to read document

About two weeks ago, the final case of the four folks who got popped on “the Island” was resolved, resulting in a handful of community service hours and a few measly months of probation. More importantly though, arrestees gained access to police records from the action during the pre-trial process (available to you by clicking the images on the right) and they have the freedom to talk more easily now that a few sketchy charges are no longer hanging over their heads. 

We hope some of these seven lessons may come in handy for the folks, both newbies and well-seasoned, who are planning to have an action-packed week:  Continue reading

Action Opportunities For Solidarity With Tar Sands Resistance

6 Feb

From Root Force

Michels is the name of the company that is doing the actual building of the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Michels has offices, mordorsubsidiaries, and projects all across the country.  A list of them has been compiled and can be found here.

Please consider doing one or more solidarity actions at any of these Michels locations.

Michels contractor on the job site in Texas.

Michels contractor with Nazi Swastika on his hard hat, at the job site in Texas.

For some of the reasons to target the KXL and Tar Sands check out:

What are Tar Sands

Tar Sands Blockade- Why Oppose KXL

Again, check out the list of Michels Locations and Take Action!