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Montanans Prepare to Harness Direct Action in Coal Fight

11 Aug

Cross-posted from Waging Nonviolence by Nick Engelfried

Compiled by Bee

A coal train passes through Missoula on its way to other densely populated areas. Photo by Katie Brady.

On Sunday, people from across Montana, and the larger area affected by coal export projects, will start converging in the state capitol of Helena. They’re coming for what will likely be the largest act of nonviolent direct action related to energy policy the Northern Rockies region has ever seen.

We’re calling it the Coal Export Action. By tapping into the type of nonviolent protests in other parts of the country this summer — such as the fights against mountaintop removal and fracking — our coalition of groups plans to challenge an energy project that threatens the health of communities across the Northwest: coal mine-for-export projects.

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