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Video Tour of Gezi Gardens Land Liberation in San Francisco

8 Jun

[Video ends at 3:48. Extra footage starts at 4:15]


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The Horrific Extent of Police Brutality in Turkey

8 Jun

by Belgin Tan / Hurriyet Daily News



What you will read below is extremely disturbing. It is the firsthand impressions of a Boğaziçi (Bosphorus) University student who was detained by police in connection with the Gezi Park incidents in Istanbul.

Erkan Yolalan first thanks everybody who has assisted him, especially to those who fetched him a lawyer.
Here is his story:

“I am at home, I’m fine. I want to write what I went through. My only aim is that everybody knows what is being experienced while in detention. I have no other aim; I want to say that at the beginning. I will write all of the events that happened to me from the beginning and with all swear words and insults included. With all its openness…

“Last night (June 3, 2013) around 9 p.m. I was detained in Beşiktaş, at traffic lights on Barbaros Avenue. I was not involved in any action like swearing or throwing stones. They took me in bending my arm the moment they saw me. Some friends of mine saw on TV how I was taken into custody. Then hell began.

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Could Golden Dawn Bring a New Wave of Eco-Fascism from Greece to the US?

6 Jun
green wing golden dawn neo nazi logo

The “Green Wing” logo of Golden Dawn, a fascist political party of Greeks and apparently now Greek-Americans

by Panagioti / Earth First! Newswire

In times of social upheaval, it seems a given that the far-right elements of an industrial empire will present themselves as a counter force in an attempt to allure some of the righteously indignant and, often painfully ignorant, folks who perceive themselves as a “middle class” in need of protection and salvation.

That is undoubtably the case with Greece today, where  members of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn have begun firmly establishing themselves in political office, in the ranks of law enforcement, and now, with a larger street presence than ever before.   Continue reading

A Few Inspiring Moments from Turkey, Occupy Gezi

2 Jun
There is a lot of fear, there is a lot of anger, there is a lot of bloodshed.
But there is also a lot of beauty.

by Rabb!t / Earth First! Newswire


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San Francisco Activists Liberate Park in Solidarity with Turkish Resistance

2 Jun

liberatethelandby Rabb!t / Earth First! Newswire

On June 1st, in solidarity with the massive resistance in Turkey which began six days ago, Liberate the Land activists in San Francisco marched to a park space known as “Hayes Valley Farm” and began an occupation. The piece of land is scheduled to be turned into condominiums, a development project which the protestors plan to stop. Not only are they physically holding the space with their bodies and multiple treesits, the group is also planting a “Free Farm” for the community, sharing regular meals, and holding community-building and permaculture workshops.

Participants have renamed the space “Gezi Gardens” in solidarity with the current rebellion in Turkey, which began with the occupation of Gezi park in Istanbul. Protesters in Istanbul began occupying Gezi park when developers started ripping up the trees to make way for a shopping mall. The insane police response sparked an uprising that has swept the country. There have been other solidarity demonstrations all over the world, including the reoccupation of Zuccotti park in New York City, the original home of Occupy Wall Street.

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Plea from Turkey

1 Jun

by Sasha / Earth First! Newswire

Turkey’s protests against the logging of trees in  Gezi Park have grown into a nation-wide upheaval. The heavy-handed police response, using tear gas and pepper spray against bystanders and protestors, alike, has ignited a profound response against state repression in Turkey.

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