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Domestic Eco-Terrorism Has Deep Pockets, Including Moms that Love Ecotage

27 Jul

from Earth First! Newsgmo-genetically-modified-organism_50290d5e92a11

According to a recent article in Forbes, environmental saboteurs in the U.S. receive broad popular support as well as financial resources from the organic foods industry.

The article’s authors Jay Byme, a corporate public relations expert and former U.S. AID senior official, and Henry I. Miller, founding director of the FDA’s Office of Biotechnology, claim that groups like Moms against Monsanto, Earth First!, GreenPeace, Stonyfield Organic and New York Time’s food writer Mark Bittman form a synergistic and terroristic anti-GMO food movement with the ultimate goal being “to sell more overpriced, overrated organic food.”  Continue reading