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Indonesia to Use Rain-Making Technology to Stop Forest Fires. Seems Legit.

19 Jun

Credit: Coalition to save Tripa Forest / Handout / 3/05/2012

by Rabb!t / Earth First! Newswire

The Indonesian rainforest is in an unbalanced tug-o-war between corporations and the wild, and the government’s problem-solution/problem-solution/problem dance of reactionary politics is spiraling out of control.

In Indonesia, you have one of the most biologically diverse forests on the planet (ranking third in the world for number of species) being sold to giant conglomerates. Generally, these conglomerates decide to do one of two things with the rainforest: shred it into pulp and paper; or burn it down, in football field-size chunks, and replant the ashen land with palm trees.

Why palm trees? Though I’m sure the smoldering burial grounds of the once-tropical forest will be as good a tourist destination as any once the sea levels and super-storms catch up with atmospheric CO2 levels, these imported palm trees are not being planted for ambiance, but rather being squeezed for their palm oil.

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U.S. Herakles Farms Halts Cameroon Palm Oil Development

24 May

Oil palm nursery in a Herakles Farm’s concession area. Last year Herakles Farms said it had permission to set up three nurseries covering 100 hectares even before producing a Social and Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA). Photo: © Greenpeace/Alex Yallop.

Cross Posted from Reuters

May 22 – A company owned by New York venture capital firm Herakles Capital has suspended work on a giant palm oil plantation in Cameroon after protests by environmental groups and villagers, highlighting opposition to land acquisitions in Africa.

Herakles Farms, which also has operations in Ghana, said it halted development of its proposed 60,000 hectare plantation – an area 10 times the size of Manhattan – and laid off 690 workers while the Cameroonian government reviews the 2009 deal.  The move came weeks after an order from the Forestry Ministry and a day after a joint report from Greenpeace and the Oakland Institute alleged that Herakles failed to obtain the proper permits prior to clearing rainforest for palm nurseries and was selling timber that was supposed to go the Cameroonian government.

The company said in a statement the government had ordered it to cease preparing land near its Talangaye palm oil nursery pending an assessment of the public usefulness of the project to the region.

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A New Year for the Earth First! Journal

12 Jan

EF fund_letter_2013 image_Page_1By now, all you current and former subscribers to the EF! Journal should have seen our 2013 Winter update letter in the mail. For those who have sent back donations, we offer our full gratitude for your commitment to sustaining the media of the eco-resistance.

For those still sitting on the letters twiddling your thumbs, we ask that if you can afford a donation of any amount, please get them in the mail to us soon, before they are totally buried under the mounds of junk mail from whack NGOs with their glossy polar bear pictures who are trying to capitalize off your christmas gift money…

And for those who didn’t see it in the mail, you can subscribe to the Journal right here and now, so you’ll never miss another riveting letter from us again. In the meantime, the text from the letter is below. Also, you can print out the whole thing to make copies and give ’em to all your friends by clicking on the image to the right.

Yule Season’s Greetings To All You Eco-Defenders
And Earth First! Journal Supporters

It’s been a long, hard year here at the Earth First! Journal office. Despite financial pressures in conjunction with lots of court dates, once again, we have persisted.

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Palm Oil Found in 50% of Grocery Store Goods

9 Apr

palm oil fruit

by Nettle, Earth First! Journal

What do Ben & Jerry’s, Girl Scout Cookies, Little Debbie snacks and Clif bars all have in common? They all contain palm oil. Both the flesh and the kernel of oil palms, a fruit, are used to obtain this oil, with each fruit containing about 50% oil. The current production of palm oil causes irreversible damage to the planet through the destruction of rainforests exclusively in tropical regions, such as Malaysia and Indonesia, two countries where, combined, 85% of the world’s palm oil is produced.

Palm oil can be found in 50% of all goods sold in the grocery store, according to the Rainforest Action Network, from candies to margarine. Refined palm oil is also found in detergents, soaps, cosmetics and beauty products from mainstream companies like Revlon and Cover Girl to everyone’s favorite, Dr. Bronner’s. Palm oil can also be used in animal feed and as a bio fuel.  

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News Roundup 5/8

8 May

The Big Oil Spill moves inexorably toward shore. Our friends in Tuscon, the Center for Biological Diversity have recently launched an excellent portal for information about it.

The Oiled Wildlife Care Network has an excellent blog about their efforts to mitigate the impacts of the spill on endangered species of the Gulf Coast. They informed us that Google Earth is tracking the spill.

The NY Times also has some great info, featuring interactive graphics and an article on the containment dome, which is an “experimental solution” that is completely bogus.

A good article here about how the feds are collaborating with BP to keep us all in the dark about the extent of the spill and who will pay the costs of cleanup (hint: rhymes with ‘snacksprayers’).

Discover Mag is already thinking about the next big spill.

Here’s a good collection of images from the Nashville Flood.

Comrades at RAN occupied the executive offices at Cargill. Why? Because they’re the nation’s largest importer of palm oil. Photos here.

In vivisection news, mice (and thus, probably other mammals too) can synthesize their own morphine.