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Test Drilling Disrupted at Penokee Hills Proposed Mining Site

14 Jun

The following is an anonymous communique from the June 11 action. Read below the communique to find out how you can get involved.

by some wild coyotes / Wisconsin Anarchy

Hurley Police and Iron County Sheriff’s Officers responded to the site after receiving a call from Iron County Sheriff Tony Furyk.  Credit Danielle Kaeding, WRNC

Hurley Police and Iron County Sheriff’s Officers responded to the site after receiving a call from Iron County Sheriff Tony Furyk. Credit Danielle Kaeding, WRNC

On Tuesday, June 11th, some wild ones awoke to the sound of a drill rig and flatbed trucks driving up the ridge of the Penokee Hills in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Idea Drilling LLC were attempting to drill the first of eight core samples that would be used to determine the quality and quantity of iron ore in a 22-mile long stretch of the Penokee Hills, slated for open-pit mining destruction by Gogebic Taconite. Forty percent of Lake Superior’s wetlands lie downstream from the Penokee Hills, as does the Bad River Ojibwe Reservation, whose members depend on healthy waterways for their wild rice and fish. Surely, the amount of waste rock present in this type of mining would result in sulfides and heavy metal pollutants being exposed to these precious waterways downstream and would change the land that human and non-human lives depend on for survival forever. Making the preliminary stages of this mine as expensive as possible to send a clear message to financiers that this is an extremely risky investment is one strategy that was being pursued in the following action.

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Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Tribe Invites Supporters to Join Occupation of Proposed Mine Site in Wisconsin

4 Jun
Photo from a recent protest to protect the Penokee Hills

Photo from a recent protest to protect the Penokee Hills in the occupied land now known as Wisconsin

from Indian Country News

The Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe tribe has opened a treaty harvest and educational camp on public lands in the Penokee Hills, near the site of the proposed worlds largest open pit iron mine, upstream from the Bad River Reservation. The site includes an area that hosted  almost 200 Indian allotments in the late 1800 which were stolen, or deceptively removed from Indian ownership in favor of wealthy investors of the original shaft mining in the area. Ancient mining artifacts in the region have been carbon dated to 260AD. The camp will be open for hunting, fishing, harvesting [wild rice and maple syrup] and public recreational use as defined by treaty and public laws.

An anonymous supporter involved with the camp had this to say “…Folks are camped out in the woods, they do not have a lot of access to communication.  They are just asking folks to show up! They are definitely ready for a massive influx of people, and a massive influx of people is exactly what they need to stop this terrible mine project before it even starts – so if you feel called, please just do it!

“You can find more about the camp and a video of the site, here.

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Wisconsin politicians plot the destruction of Penokees Hills

7 Dec

Wisconsin's water flowing through the Penokees

According to an AP article last week, In Madison, Wisconsin, Assembly Republicans plan to introduce a bill this week designed to accommodate iron mining plans by Gogebic Taconite (GTac) in the Penokee Hills of northern Wisconsin.

He said Republicans plan to hold a mandatory public hearing on the measure in two weeks, but it would likely take place in Milwaukee, which is more than 300 miles from the proposed mine site. He said he believes it makes sense to hold the hearing in southern Wisconsin because that region is home to several heavy equipment companies that would benefit if the mine became operational.

Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald said the full Assembly could pass the measure when it returns from its holiday break next month.

Company officials contend they’d be conscious of the environment and say the mine would create hundreds of jobs for the economically downtrodden region, but they want assurances of a clear end point in the state’s rigorous permitting process before they go any further.

Republicans, eager for any chance to help Gov. Scott Walker deliver on his campaign pledge to create 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin before the end of his first term, have been working for months on legislation that would streamline the mine permit process.

The Earth First! Newswire has just posted a feature article by Sarah Tops on the growing resistance to the mining plan, Protecting Wisconsin’s Waters: Anti-Mining Struggles in the Penokee Hills and Lake Superior Region

Check it out and learn how you can stop the destruction GTac has proposed in a 22-mile open-pit taconite mine in the headwaters of the Bad River and Kakagon Sloughs, also known as Wisconsin’s Everglades.