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Armed Permaculturists Explain Strategy of Seed Bomb Explosives

12 Jun

from Earth First Newswire

This beautiful short documentary sheds some light on a little-known international perma-eco-terra-ist group calling itself SLF-NAG (Seed Liberation Frontier-North Aegean Guerrillas). The mysterious organization has gone public to explain the motives behind their seed-bombing campaign:

“Seed control is an issue of growing importance not only for the consumers, but also for the producers. The current state of affairs endangers not only the public health but also the freedom of the people. Hence, there is an urgent need for innovative and radical means of reaction.

“In our days it is the mass media which shapes the reality. Documentaries, on the other hand, often act as key instruments for deconstructing the ‘”reality” and unveil the truth behind. Therefore, documentaries should also be used to inform the public, challenge well-established views of reality and, subsequently, to turn the propaganda upside down.”

Wait a minute… Do those accents sound a little fishy to anyone else?

Turns out this is BS…State of Oregon Owns Rainwater, Criminalizes Permaculture

31 Jul

Update: This article is total bull shit…

Here at the EF! Newswire, we received a response from a local EF!er on this story, which we felt was worthy of relaying on to readers:

“This is total bullshit by the way. I live in Jackson County, and work on the protection of water resources. This guy built dams on ephemeral streams and created ponds that hold 40 acre feet of water. For non-water geeks, that that’s one acre of water, 40 feet tall. That’s a lot of water.

As much as I may not be thrilled with my local rag, they got this one right. [According to the article: “Water managers say the water Harrington has captured is a tributary of nearby Crowfoot Creek.

It is troubling that the government apparently can enforce jurisdiction over every drop of water in the Bug Butte Springs Watershed. But anyone hoping to see the law reconsidered should find a more sympathetic victim of government overreach.”]

Creating dams on streams and removing it from the ecosystem isn’t cool folks. There are Earth First!ers out there using the system to try and keep water in the streams. This guy ain’t one of them.

Don’t swallow the tea party line.”


Thanks for calling us out, folks. Below is the original article, for reference. We apologize for allowing this to be carelessly reprinted. Lesson hard learned…

Oregon Criminalizes Permaculture; Claims State Ownership Over All Rainwater – Ponds and Swales Restricted – Jail Time for Violators

July 29 2012

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor naturalnews.com

There’s nothing more refreshing than standing in a cool, summertime rain shower. Or bathing in the warm sunlight on a crisp spring day. Or inhaling the cool autumn air, fresh with the scent of turning leaves and pine needles. These things — rainwater, sunlight, air — have long been assumed to be not only free, but un-claimable. You can’t claim to own the sunlight that falls on my front yard, for example. A corporation can’t claim intellectual property ownership over the air that you breathe and demand you pay a royalty for inhaling.

But today, Jackson County, Oregon says it owns YOUR rainwater, and the county has sentenced a man to 30 days in jail and fined him over $1500, for the supposed “crime” of collecting rainwater on his own property.

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