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Groups gather at Mendiola to protest mining

3 Mar

MANILA, Philippines – Environmental and militant groups gathered at Mendiola near Malacañang on Saturday to kick off an “intensified” campaign against mining in the country.

The Kalikasan People’s Network for the Environment is calling for a moratorium on all mining applications of foreign companies.

“We call for a moratorium on applications and operations on all foreign, large-scale, magnetite and offshore mining transnational corporations. This must stand until we are able to put in place a pro-people, pro-environment mining law,” said Clemente Bautista, the group’s national coordinator.

Militant group Bayan, for its part, is urging the government to repeal the Philippine Mining Act of 1995 as the law marks its 17th anniversary today.

Saying the current mining policy is a “bankrupt economic policy,” Bayan said the government should pursue a nationalist and pro-people policy and that mining should be geared toward meeting people’s domestic needs rather than private profit margins and global market demands.

“It is time that we assert our national interest and sovereignty. It is time we put domestic needs and environmental protection at the forefront of profits. It is time we junk the Mining Act of 1995,” it said.

The protest comes after a big mining conference in Makati City on Friday where stakeholders presented their views about the impact of the industry on economy and environment.

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News Roundup 5/13

13 May

Skytruth estimates that, actually,  1.1 million gallons of oil per day are now spilling into the Gulf. The feds won’t reveal any actual information about the amount, because that would lead to cleanup costs billions of $ higher than the current estimate of less than $1 billion.

Tucson students walked out of school and occupied a state building downtown in protest of a new law canceling ethnic studies in all Arizona schools. Pictures here.

Here’s an update on Scott DeMuth, Minnesota’s favorite grand jury resister. Some friends of his are going on a roadshow this summer to raise money for his legal defense. Here’s their support site.

A bunch of badasses pulled off an awesome direct action at the Westin Hotel in SF:

Make sure you sleep with the right people if you’re going to this year’s Pride. More info here. This action brought to you by the Brass Liberation Orchestra.

Check out the Dark Mountain Project: primitivism gone mainstream in the UK. They’re having an “UnCivilisation Gathering” at the end of the month, tickets being £60 apiece payable by credit/debit/paypal online. Oh, the irony.

Over 33,000 mink, native to North America, have escaped from fur farms in Ireland. Now the Irish government is paying 3 full-time trappers over £1 million over five years to trap as many of them as possible and then shoot the captives with .22s. Of course, pine martens, stoat or hedgehogs will be inadvertently caught in the traps as well, but they’ll supposedly be released “unharmed”. Maybe this wouldn’t be a problem if Ireland hadn’t allowed fur farms in the first place. Northern Ireland doesn’t. More info here on Irish fur farms and those trying to shut ’em down.

And here’s an awesome new anti-mining site from the Philippines.