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Keystone XL: A Year in Review

25 Jan

by Sarah Laskow / the American Prospect



It’s been just over a year since the Obama administration rejected TransCanada’s original permit application for Keystone XL. On the surface, it might seem like nothing much has happened. The State Department has yet to release its assessment of the environmental impacts of the new, revised pipeline route, which TransCanada proposed on May 4, 2012, only four months after the initial permit rejection. None of the many attempt by Republicans in Congress to force through approval of the pipeline succeeded, and with the slow fade of Mitt Romney, one of the project’s self-proclaimed biggest fans, the project’s best chance to pass unimpeded through U.S. bureaucracy was lost. But in this period neither TransCanada nor Keystone XL opponents have been at rest. Construction on the southern end of the pipeline began in August, and protesters, hoping to budge an administration that has turned stalling on environmental action into a specialty, have amped up both their numbers and the force of their argument—that building Keystone XL will expedite climate change.

Now, the project is heading straight back into the headlights of national attention. This spring, the State Department will likely release its report, which environmental advocates believe will not begin to address their concerns either about risks to local water and wildlife or about massive carbon emissions from burning billions of barrels of tar sands oil . Continue reading