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Forest Protest, Economic Sabotage

13 Mar

from The Examiner

A forest protest in the Central Highlands is costing contractors about $20,000 a day, according to the state Liberals.


Opposition forestry spokesman Peter Gutwein described the protest, by up to 10 members of environmental group Still Wild, Still Threatened, as a disgraceful act of economic sabotage. Continue reading

Anarchists Killed Nanotech Scientist in “Feral Defense of Wild Nature”

10 Mar

[eds. note: the following article is from a pro business, military and defense journal]

by Geoffrey Ingersoll / Business Insider Military and Defensenanotechnology-kd-001

An Anarchist terror group calling themselves “Individuals Tending Toward Savagery” (ITS) has recently claimed responsibility for a high profile attack on a scientist two years ago, and made several death threats, according to reports.

Dr. Ernesto Méndez Salinas, a biotechnology expert, was shot and killed in 2011, but until this admission his death was largely attributed to the general rise of violence in Mexico, and even later attributed to a rash of car jackings.

The ITS followed its shocking claim of responsibility by issuing threats against any prominent researchers in the field of nano and biotechnology, whom they plan to take out with Ted Kaczynski-like tactics. (A particular hero of theirs.) Continue reading

New York Assembly Votes to Ban Fracking for Two More Years

7 Mar

By Karen DeWitt : NYS Public Radio/WXXI

 Machine used for hydrofracking (NYS Department of Environmental Conservation)

Machine used for hydrofracking (NYS Department of Environmental Conservation)

The New York State Assembly has approved, by a 95 to 40 vote, a two-year moratorium on hydrofracking in New York. While it’s unlikely to be passed in the Senate, the action reflects state lawmakers’ growing worries about potential health impacts from the natural gas drilling process.  Continue reading

On Forming Martial Arts Societies

6 Mar

by autonomouseNinjaCat

We need martial artists in radical movements. I’m pretty sure everyone can attest to this, for community self defense and for the need to discipline radicals on a social as well as individual level. It is a shame so many radicals as well as many anarchists don’t know the basics of body structure or self defense. So this piece is aimed at a proposal. Continue reading

‘Nintendo Medal’ for Military Drone Pilots

6 Mar

by Russ McSpadden / Earth First! News

[The text of this work is free to share and distribute under the following Creative Commons License CC-BY-ND 3.0]

Department of Defense

Department of Defense

The U.S. has a growing corps of cyber-warriors and drone pilots who target human populations with bomb strapped drones. Now  the Pentagon is commending their all-too-real virtual combat with a new medal.

Last month, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta approved the military’s first new combat medal in nearly a century. The Distinguished Warfare Medal is bestowed to  individuals in recognition of “extraordinary contributions” to combat operations conducted from afar.

In the military hierarchy of honor, the new ‘lethal gamer’ medal is the eighth highest award behind the Medal of Honor.

Some are calling it the “Chair-borne Medal,” “the Nintendo Medal,” “the Purple Buttocks,” and the “Distant Warfare Medal,” demeaning the computer-based iWarriors because they are not exposed to imminent mortal danger like traditional combat soldiers. A growing alliance of veterans groups and politicians are lobbying the Pentagon and President Obama to downgrade the award, which is ahead of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart in terms of distinction.

Regardless of the kerfuffle over the proper accolades for the military’s deadly computer nerd-core, little argument has been put forward questioning the ethics of bestowing an honorary trinket on a group of techno-assassins that spy on and bomb suspected terrorists, American citizens, wedding parties and children from the comfort of a computer screen.

Read more on techno-monstrosities in McSpadden’s “The Early History of the Robot Wars” Part 1 and Part 2

Anarchists Claim Responsibility for Seattle House Fire

5 Mar

By Michael Harthorne / Komonews.com

The Seattle Fire Department responds to a fire at an under-construction townhouse Feb. 26 in the Central District.

The Seattle Fire Department responds to a fire at an under-construction townhouse Feb. 26 in the Central District.

SEATTLE — Local anarchists have claimed responsibility for the fire that destroyed an under-construction townhouse last week in the Central District, stating they attacked the building in order to reject the status quo and shed the “subjugated subjectivity” forced on them by the government. Continue reading

Fun: Guerrilla Surveillance Camera Destruction Hits the U.S.

19 Feb

It started in Germany with masked anarchists dismantling CCTV cameras, now Camover is a global game

The spoils of a Camover mission in the Puget Sound region (Credit: AnarchistNews.org)

The spoils of a Camover mission in the Puget Sound region (Credit: AnarchistNews.org)


It started in Berlin: Anarchists, donning black bloc attire, hit the streets at night in pairs, small groups or alone to smash and dismantle the CCTV surveillance cameras adorning the city streets.

They posted videos and photos of their exploits online and called the guerrilla project Camover. The German collective gave a playful interview to Vice U.K. in which they explained that they are “a diverse group of people: Shoplifters eluding capitalism who don’t want to be monitored, passengers who don’t want to followed step by step and anarchists fighting everything that wants to control us.” Continue reading

Demonstrations Disrupt Snowbowl 75th Anniversary Parties

14 Feb


Crowds gathered in Heritage Square at 5 p.m. on Feb. 9, not to celebrate the Dew Downtown event, but rather to protest and bring awareness to the various forms of environmental negligence levied against the Arizona Snowbowl. The ski resort has been celebrating their 75th anniversary for the past week at various bars and restaurants in downtown Flagstaff; these events were disrupted at nearly every venue by passionate protestors demonstrating their views on Snowbowl’s celebration.

Klee Benally leads the drum circle during an Arizona Snowbowl protest, the protest took place at heritage square in downtown Flagstaff on Saturday. Arizona Snowbowl has been using reclaimed water to blow snow onto the mountain which started in December of last year. (Photo by Jeff Bucher)

Klee Benally leads the drum circle during an Arizona Snowbowl protest, the protest took place at heritage square in downtown Flagstaff on Saturday. Arizona Snowbowl has been using reclaimed water to blow snow onto the mountain which started in December of last year. (Photo by Jeff Bucher)

With such frequent protests, protesters are assumed to have been working with or inspired by the organization Idle No More. Often, the protestors carried signs and banners voicing their cause to remove Snowbowl from the San Francisco peaks, which is considered to be sacred by local indigenous tribes. This debate was recently reignited by the use of 100 percent wastewater recycled snow on the mountain. The coordinated protest events began with a downtown street march on Monday and culminated with a flash mob protest in Heritage Square on Feb. 9.

Members of the protest gave statements of why they were participating, their purpose and evidence supporting their cause. Continue reading

NASA: Alarming water loss in Middle East

13 Feb
By MICHAEL CASEY, AP Environmental Writer
One of the biggest challenges to improving water conservation is often competing demands which has worsened the problem in the Tigris and Euphrates river basins.726336main_grace20130212-946Turkey controls the Tigris and Euphrates headwaters, as well as the reservoirs and infrastructure of Turkey’s Greater Anatolia Project, which dictates how much water flows downstream into Syria and Iraq, the researchers said. With no coordinated water management between the three countries, tensions have intensified since the 2007 drought because Turkey continues to divert water to irrigate farmland.

“That decline in stream flow put a lot of pressure on northern Iraq,” Kate Voss, lead author of the study and a water policy fellow with the University of California‘s Center for Hydrological Modeling in Irvine, said. “Both the UN and anecdotal reports from area residents note that once stream flow declined, this northern region of Iraq had to switch to groundwater. In an already fragile social, economic and political environment, this did not help the situation.” Continue reading

Snowbowl Protests Affect Flagstaff Shops, Keep It Up

10 Feb

FLAGSTAFF –(AP) Continuing opposition to the use of reclaimed wastewater by a ski area near Flagstaff to make snow is rubbing off on some local businesses.three flagstaff

Protesters have held signs and passed out leaflets outside businesses that held events for Arizona Snowbowl this week to celebrate the ski area’s 75 years of existence, the Arizona Daily Sun reports.

“There’s a large portion of the community that feels alienated because of Snowbowl’s actions,” said protester Grayson Lookner.

Altitudes Bar and Grill owner Lynda Fleischer said it was unfair to target her business when its celebratory event was for the ski area, not for the snowmaking.

“It affected my staff. It was very negative to their evening,” she said of the protest outside her business.

Seeking to boost business when Mother Nature didn’t provide enough snow for skiing, Snowbowl in December began using treated wastewater from Flagstaff to make snow.

The effort was years in the making.

From the start, American Indian tribes that consider the mountain area sacred were against the plan. Continue reading