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Quebec Rally Against Police Violence Highlights Assault on Indigenous Women, Ends in Police Violence

16 Mar

from Press TV

Around 500 people took to the streets in the city of Montreal to participate in the 17th annual anti-police brutality march.

Police used horses, pepper-spray and kettling tactics to disperse the protesters. Early reports also said that scores of people were arrested.

“Before the march even began, they just ran to the crowd for no apparent reason and then since there was chaos they took that a reason to just charge into us with their batons and shields,” one of the demonstrators told Press TV.

Meanwhile, many believe that the worst acts of violence during marches in Montreal are committed by the police forces and not the demonstrators.

“They just brutalize us every time for nothing, we’re just walking the streets, they just start pushing us and everything else,” said another protester.

Canadian police is also accused of raping and abusing aboriginal women. Continue reading