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Earth Liberation Front Burns Down Earth First! Journal Office

1 Apr

from KTIV / West Palm BeachA scene from ``If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front.''

Early this morning the Earth First! Journal office in Lake Worth, Fla. ignited in flames. Near the back of the building police found messages left in black and red spray paint that read: “If you print it, we will burn it,” “E.L.F.” and “Wilderness not Fonts.” 

Then at 5 am, local news station KTIV recieved an anonymous communique, signed by the Earth Liberation Front, an ecoterrorist organization that many claim to be an underground wing of the Earth First! movement.

The Earth Liberation Front takes credit for torching the Earth First! Journal office in Lake Worth, Fla. The Journal continues to print articles that exhibit capital letters at the beginning of each sentence. In light of global opposition to capitalism, and the murder of our planet at the hands of capitalists, the Journal’s use of capitalization needs to be stopped. We chose this office because it contains the bulk of the machines–the computers and other gizmos–these so called “luddite” office-slaves use to contaminate the radical print industry and enrich a sick and hierarchical grammar that privileges the first letters of sentences, diminishing the freedom and worth of all those that follow, trapped between an opening dictator and a period (or some other sort of end punctuation.)

After cutting through the padlock on the door to the office, we placed 4 five-gallon buckets filled with half gasoline and half diesel in strategic locations. Windows were broken to provide the fire with oxygen and timers were set.

Within just a few minutes the operation was complete.

We are the burning rage of a dying planet.

Welcome to the struggle of all species to be free!

Earth Liberation Front (ELF)

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