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Pumpkin pie and tofurky in the trees, hot damn!

19 Dec

Photos from a Humboldt tree sit

Trinidad, California- Community supporters brought tofurky, potatoes, and pumpkin pie to the tree sitters on Green Diamond property in Trinidad. The tree sit is on the trail to Strawberry Rock and has been occupied for a little over one year. The timber company plans to clear-cut the area. Check out the beautiful photos below. For background on the campaign, read the news post from the Humboldt Herald and the statement from Redwood Forest Defenders, a group that formed a month after Green Diamond cancelled a THP due to the 4-year occupation of over 50 trees outside Eureka, CA by a different group, Earth First! Humboldt.

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Armed Struggle for the Redwoods

28 Sep

A belated review of The Big Trees

by panagioti, for the Earth First! Newswire

If you like the idea of blowing up dams, burning down court houses, and standing side-by-side with Quakers in a reluctant armed revolt against the corrupt logging industry—and you can tolerate a tacky romance—you might wanna watch this 1952 film, The Big Trees, starring Eve Miller and Kirk Douglas in a battle for the old-growth Redwoods of Northern Cali.

That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

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