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Deep Green Transphobia II

16 May

by Earth First! News

deep_green_transphobiaRarely do comments to internet posts warrant much attention. In many ways the comments section is where people go to blast their most anonymous and ugly thoughts. However, a recent comment posted on the Earth First! Journal collective’s statement regarding Deep Green Resistance offers a great deal of depth and striking analysis of the issue of trans struggles, feminism, the police state and the ecological resistance movement as well as a brief account of oppressive thought and action within the Earth First! Movement. It is included below, unedited, for discussion. We hope that organizers of DGR will include these discussions in their future meetings and gatherings:

Thank you for taking this stance EF! folks. I used to be a part of more eco defense stuff back in the day in Katuah – am now more involved in anti prison struggles with prisoners on the other side of the state…..Regardless, its nice to come across this and see people keeping it real. EF! has had a long series of internal battles, crises of identity if you will, over the years, trying to preserve the best of its roots while working past the xenophobia and latent racism and nationalism and sexism of some of its founders (abbey, foreman, etc.), and its fully in line with that struggle to take this stand. Dont listen to DGR defenders who say this “divides the movement” – these kinds of moments may be painful, but they are absolutely necessary. There are some divisions worth having. (And if you dont believe me, read a history of the popular front in spain!)

Feminism, particularly the non-liberal, anti-capitalist varieties, has also had to go through those internal struggles in the US. Much of it has a history of middle class bourgeious irrelevance, and even the radical and materialist varieties have struggled since the 70′s to get beyond certain issues in their own perspectives. Continue reading

Deep Green Transphobia

15 May

A statement from the Earth First! Journal Collective


On several occasions the Earth First! Journal editorial collective has run pieces both online and in print either written by or about the Deep Green Resistance Movement. As a collective, we’ve considered DGR to have some value to Earth First! discussions around feminism, organizing principles, ecological analysis and critiques of civilization. In 2010 we published a piece by Lierre Kieth and Derrick Jensen, and in 2012 we inserted a section from the book Deep Green Resistance on militant approaches to the ecological crisis, which was written by Aric McBay.

The Earth First! Journal collective is dedicated to providing our readers with views from diverse groups, from Earth First!ers on the frontlines to conservative farmers’ struggling against the Keystone XL Pipeline or fracking; from the Move 9 and all political prisoners to Zapatistas, liberal climate change media stars, pacifist Quakers against mountaintop removal and bomb throwing anarchists in Mexico and Greece. It is our goal to print stories and analysis that spark relevant discussion, new alliances, necessary schisms and resistance.

However, in light of DGR’s continued assault on trans people, with language and analysis that denies the struggles of trans-people and even goes so far as to deny the value, worth and power of their existence in radical movements, labeling trans people as somehow “not real,” or as Post-Modern manifestations of individualism, the Earth First! Journal collective will no longer print or in any way promote DGR material. While we don’t need to agree with an individual or organization to find their words or actions relevant for discussion we will not continue to include those whose core expression of values continues to promote exclusion and oppression. Continue reading