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Sabotage Against Shell’s Pipeline in Erris, Ireland

23 Jun

by Andrew Flood / Glyko Symoritis

Shell-HellYesterday morning around 50 Shell to Sea campaigners kicked off the Week of Action against Shell’s experimental high pressure gas pipe in Erris by tearing up the bog road Shell has laid as part of its attempt to finish the pipeline.  They also destroyed the sandbag dam that Shell were attempting to build across part of the estuary in order to be able to work on the pipeline route regardless of the tides.  This was accomplished in full view of about 15 security from IRMS – the security company hired by Shell to repress protest.

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Another Week of Stopping Shell at the Rossport Solidarity Camp

20 Jun

Spontaneous actions like this presented a near-constant disruption of work at the Shell site throughout the week

The first weeks of June saw another display of open defiance to Shell’s pipeline construction in County Mayo. The following is a report from the Rossport Solidarity Camp:

The week of action started with fortifying the camp against eviction, and as the camp was still happily pitched on Tuesday morning, we decided to put our energy into stopping Shell, as planned!

Tuesday 5th midday, we noticed a lot of Gardaí lining the road near the entrance of a camp. Had they already heard we were planning on going out? Well, they had definitely brought the opportunity of stopping Shell right to our door Continue reading

Preparing for another Summer of resistance at Rossport Solidarity Camp

16 May

Turning back the trucks at Shell’s construction site, once again


A report from the May Day work week and coming June action camp

Welcoming in the Spring, a blocakade on May 3rd held up traffic for over 3 hours between Bellanaboy and Shell’s Aughoose compound. A concrete lock-on in the middle of the road stopped the morning’s haulage – the first truck to come along was a huge concrete pumping machine which had to turn in the road and go back the way it had come.

The following day, Friday May 4th, the simple the announcement of a “Day of Solidarity” successfully stopped all Shell haulage. Once folks were satisfied that Shell wasn’t going to try and do any major work, they went to the Rossport Solidarity Camp to start moving the camp to the new location Continue reading

Celebrating May Day with the Rossport Solidarity Camp

28 Apr

May Day! Day of Solidarity & work weekend 4-7 May

Anyone feel like heading over to Ireland next week?

Along with plans for actions against Shell, the weekend includes a talk by an Earth First! Journal editor who will be visiting overseas. According to the Rossport Solidarity folks, you can ” Stop Shell, keep yer hands busy, and learn about environmental campaigns in the US- all in one weekend!

Hope to see you all there…

Campaigners continue to block Shell in Ireland despite heavy fines

8 Mar

Rossport resisters in front of the courthouse last month

All Shell haulage stopped from 7.30am today by civil disobedience in County Mayo

This morning at 7.30am two campaigners locked themselves to a concrete barrel in the middle of the road near Shell’s main construction site for the Corrib gas onshore pipeline at Aughoose, Co. Mayo. Nineteen campaigners were sentenced and fined a total of 8350 euro for similar actions in a special sitting of Belmullet District Court two weeks ago.

Shell to Sea spokesperson Terence Conway was given two 3 month prison sentences for a similar lock-on actions in 2011, and is currently out on bail pending an appeal to the circuit court.

Spokesperson for Rossport Solidarity Camp Roisin Ní Fhaoilean said, “Despite attempts to break resistance to the Corrib gas project with heavy sentences and fines, blockading of Shell’s haulage is continuing. These actions are intended to halt the Corrib gas project Continue reading

Irish protestors block Shell pipeline construction two days in a row

12 Jan


Activists with Shell to Sea rolled out their first wave of actions in the new year to disrupt construction of Shell’s natural gas pipeline in Mayo County, Ireland. The action started on January 7 with protestors waiting along the highway used to access the construction site. As trucks carrying gravel approached, the activist jumped in front of them to stop them. This was done several times until enough police arrived on the scene to arrest 3 of the protestors.

The following day activists were able to intercept a specialized tree cutting machine being used to clear the route for the pipeline. One person was able to climb on top of the machine and lock himself to it. It took three and a half hours for the cops to cut him free, all the while the entire road was blocked which prevented other construction equipment from getting to the site!



Commenting on the latest protests, Rossport Solidarity Camp spokesperson Con Coughlan stated, “This is the first disruption to Shell’s plans to lay the onshore pipeline this year but it most certainly won’t be the last. We call on everyone who is sick of the way that our democracy has been taken away from us because of unchecked corporate power, to come and support this community in their struggle to have a say what happens in their area.”

The pipeline is part of the Corrib Gas Project which seeks to bring gas from offshore wells to a refinery 9km inland. The pipeline route cuts through the community of Rossport where there is widespread opposition to the project. Direct action resistance to the pipeline construction began in 2005.

Rossport Solidarity Camp is calling for support in advance of this coming Friday the 13th of January. Friday is the first Day of Solidarity of the new year, when people from around Ireland are invited to join the protests for a day to show their support for the ongoing resistance to the Corrib Gas Project.

for more info check out: http://www.shelltosea.com




More action and anger against Shell—from Ireland to Australia

24 Aug

Photo from Shell Dubin HQ being blockaded in solidarity with Rossport, 2006

Rossport Solidarity Camp activists pull off another lock-on protest (or lockdown, as some say) on the roadside in north Mayo, near the site of Shell works for the controversial Corrib gas project, meant that operations were impeded until lunchtime Monday. The two protestors were arrested and charged at Belmullet Garda Station with Public Order Offences.

A spokesman for the Rossport Solidarity Camp confirmed that the two protestors were locked by their arms into a concrete barrel, on the north coast road, from shortly before 7am yesterday morning. This blockade is part of an intensive series of on-road actions, taken by the camp and Shell to Sea, since Shell started works at the Aughoose site for the 4.9km sub-sea tunnel during late July.

A camp spokesman confirmed to The Mayo News that a Garda Síochána cutting team arrived around 9am yesterday morning and was supported by over 20 other gardaí. The protestors were cut from the barrel by 1pm.

He said, the action was also taken to highlight Shell’s recent oil spill at the Gannet Alpha platform, in the North Sea.

Meanwhile in northwest Australia…

Shell is one of the joint venture partners for the proposed LNG at James Price Point, where, according to the Hands Off Country website, conservation groups are far from pleased with draft sanctuaries for northern Australian waters which fail to protect endangered species from controversial fossil fuel extraction plans.

Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke released the details today, saying the ocean’s fragile marine life deserve protection. A proposed network of reserves covers global refuges for turtles, dugongs and sawfish as well as the world’s largest breeding and feeding ground for whale sharks.

It also aims to protect the breeding ground where each year more than 10,000 humpback whales migrate to mate and give birth in the waters off the Kimberley. The proposed networks of marine reserves are in commonwealth waters which start 5.5km off the coast.

However, the Save Our Tropical Sealife alliance says some of the most vulnerable marine life in Australia, including dugongs and the snubfin dolphin, would still be under threat from fishing nets, oil and gas drilling and mining operations.    Source