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“All The Way Alive!”

20 Apr

ELF Eco-prisoner speaks about support and her coming release

This block print was made by sadie while in prison, inspired by Coast Salish native art

The following letter from eco-prisoner Joyanna Zacher (“Sadie”) was sent to the Earth First! Journal in response to an effort at renewed correspondence after several years of non-communication, at her request.

Along with desire to share the value and insight she offered us here on the EF! Journal collective, we also decided to post her words and art on the EF! Newswire to encourage you all write letters of support to Sadie, who is on her home stretch from a 7-year prison sentence for ELF actions. On May 1st she will be released to a halfway house. Until then, send letters to:

Joyanna Zacher #36360-086, FCI Dublin, Federal Correctional Institution, 5701 8th Street, Camps Park, Unit F, Dublin, CA 94568


hello. thank you so much for writing. about a year ago i had actually wanted to see a journal again but no longer had an address to write in order to request one, so it was nice to hear from y’all. i haven’t received the brigid issue however and fear it may’ve been rejected as most decent publications tend to be, but i thank you for trying all the same, and who knows? maybe it’ll show up after all. although i have done my time pretty independently i still do feel a responsibility of sorts to stay a part of the movement that so inspired me at one point. i still have 3 years of probation where i have to be careful but i hope to become more involved in certain circles when i am truly free again Continue reading