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Riots erupt in China over disputed island’s gas reserves

17 Sep

A demonstrator throws back a tear gas canister at riot policemen in Shenzhen on Sunday.

Chinese protesters took to city streets for a second day on Sunday to denounce Japan in a row over disputed islands, prompting the Japanese prime minister to call on Beijing to ensure protection of his country’s people and property.

The Nikkei business newspaper said on Sunday that demonstrators had earlier attacked two Panasonic electronic parts plants in the eastern cities of Qingdao and Suzhou.

Toyota vehicle dealerships were also set on fire and many vehicles were damaged, it said, citing Toyota’s China unit.

In the biggest flare-up, police fired tear gas and used water cannon to repel thousands of protesters occupying a street in the southern city of Shenzhen, near Hong Kong.

The protests erupted in Beijing and many other cities on Saturday, when demonstrators besieged the Japanese embassy, hurling rocks, eggs and bottles, and testing cordons of police.

Demonstrators have looted shops and attacked Japanese cars and restaurants in at least five Chinese cities. Protesters also broke into a dozen Japanese-run factories in the eastern city of Qingdao on Saturday, according to the Japanese broadcaster NHK.

[EF!J Editor’s note: While an absurd nationalism seemed undeniably present in these riots, it can also not be denied that there is a militant environmental movement growing in China, which we have also reported on throughout this year. We can only hope that people are taking the opportunity to prioritize attacking corporate and industrial targets.]