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Free Earth First! Journal subscription to the first person who Tars and Feathers Brandon Darby

12 Nov

Today government informant Brandon Darby, along with other Tea Party assholes, wrestled an editor of the Earth First! Journal and other immigrant solidarity activists out of a Tea Party conference in Orlando featuring pro-border, anti-immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Maricopa County, Arizona.

EF! Journal editor Ana Rodriguez also confronted anti-immigrant City Commissioner Scott Maxwell in Lake Worth in Nov. 2009. What a badass.

Ana Rodriguez, an immigrant activist and editor with the Earth First! Journal, was dragged across the floor of the conference center. She had this to say:

“I got thrown out of an Arpaio Tea Party event by Brandon Darby and all I got was this lousy rug burn on my ass!”  

Another activist also entered the conference handing out this flyer. They too were kicked out, after having a black sheet thrown over them and also being physically forced from the Orlando Airport Marriott conference center, also by Brandon Darby.

It seems that Darby, who entrapped two young activists during the 2008 RNC and put them in prison, is now the pseudo-populist right wing’s goon of choice. Being that he’s on a speaking tour around the country, the Earth First! Journal is offering some incentive to greet him properly in your town. We will give a free year’s subscription to anyone who delivers his just desserts.

Earth First! means a world without borders

29 Apr

By an editor of the EF! Journal

Jaguar photographed in arizona

Solidarity with immigrants against borders is one of the most practical and relevant places for the biocentrist—deep ecologist, eco-anarchist, Earth First!er.. or whatever you may call yourself—to present our vision of the world beyond civilization. The border is not just a line between two places. Its a scar on the earth, and in our lives, where empire and ecocide have met. Millions of people in North America feels this environmental and social tragedy in a deep and direct way.

The reality of this has been close to home for us here at the Earth First! Journal/Newswire, from life in Arizona in the midst of the SB 1070 law and the militarized border lands, to our new office in the south, which is now embroiled in the battles surrounding anti-immigrant legislation. Georgia became the first state following the footsteps of Arizona’s “Papers Please” law—HB 87, they are only awaiting the Governor to sign it into law—and, despite mass opposition, Florida is not far behind, with SB 2040.

"We will not comply," blockade at Sheriff Arpaio's Maricopa County Jail in Arizona after SB1070 goes into effect, July 2010

Arbitrary borders divided by walls and high-tech surveillance are becoming one of the most drastic symbols of literal human division and disconnect from the wild world around them. The same principles of rewilding that apply to keeping healthy, biodiverse habitats also apply to the re-wilding the free spirit of our species. What borders walls do to the endangered Jaguar, immigration laws due to our own wild spirits.

The past two issues of the EF! Journal have run excellent articles on borders, immigration, biocentrism and ecological resistance. Check ‘em out below.. May they assist in fueling the flames of immigrant solidarity and rebellion.   For freedom of movement to all species!

The Capitol building in Tallahassee, Florida is occupied by immigrants, predominantly from indigenous campesino communities in Central America.

Razing Arizona: the ecological battle against borders (an overview of pro-immigrant, anti-border articles from the past 10 years of the EF! Journal. In Spanish and English.)

Borders & Bodies (a personal reflection from an EF! Journal editor of borders, colonization and empire from the Arizona border to the coasts of Florida.)

(Also, don’t miss the coming issue of the EF! Journal, this June, for a fresh new article on the Center for Biological Diversity’s effort to defend Jaguars from extinction in the US by the racist border wall.)

Check out news and video from the growing resistance in Florida.

Simultaneous protests for immigrant farmworker solidarity take also place this week. Here, at a grand opening of Grocery chain Public in Lake Worth, FL, new home to the Earth First! Journal.