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Water Crisis in the Sierra Tarahumara: Illegal Logging, Monocrops, and Environmental Disaster

30 Jan

from Frontera NorteSur

Chihuahua's Sierra Tarahumara near the US/Mexico border

In many cities, Mexicans are responding to the environmental and hunger crises in Chihuahua’s Sierra Tarahumara with an outpouring of material aid donations and declarations of solidarity. Indigenous Raramuri leaders from the drought-stricken mountains were among rural activists who staged a demonstration last week in Mexico City, claiming a lack of government support for alleviating the worst effects of what National Water Commission chief Jose Luis Luege called “one of the biggest drought years in the historical registers of the country.”

In response to the burgeoning rural protest movement, the Calderon administration announced a series of initiatives aimed at rehabilitating irrigation systems and tapping into more groundwater.

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