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Support the Florida Trans and Womyns Action Camp

8 Mar
Poster for the Florida TWAC Camp 2013!

Poster for the 2013 Florida Trans and Womyn’s Action Camp!

The Trans and Womyn’s Action Camp (TWAC)  is all about solidarity and the interconnectedness that binds the urgent struggles for all life on earth. At TWAC we will share campaign information and direct action skills in a conscientious, supportive, empowering and encouraging environment for voices often marginalized, and then to take collective action together at the end of the camp!  This is an intentional space for folks who identify as female, transgender, transsexual, gender queer and gender variant. Some major focuses of our camp will be the prison/detention/deportation system, colonization, eco-defense and immigration.

One of two Trans and Womyn’s Action Camps happening this year will be held in South Florida from April 4th-9th, and we are eagerly counting down the days because we can’t wait to throw a kickass camp with all the amazing babes we are sure will show up! We are currently fundraising through an indiegogo campaign, check out our video and consider making a donation to support this years’ Florida camp. You can also support our campaign by passing it along to your contacts. Please share our campaign on your facebooks, send it out to listservs, email it to friends and family, and post it on your websites! The success of indiegogo depends on how much networking you can do, so we rely on folks like you reposting our link! Continue reading

Florida’s Largest, Rarest Bat Proposed for Endangered Species Act Protection

3 Oct
Florida bonneted bat…so adorable, right?

Once Common in South Florida; Fewer Than 300 Believed Left in Wild

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.- The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today proposed Endangered Species Act protection for the Florida bonneted bat, the largest, rarest bat in the state. The decision is part of a historic settlement agreement signed with the Center for Biological Diversity that requires expedited decisions on protection for 757 plants and animals around the country. “Endangered Species Act protection is crucial to the conservation of these wonderful bats,” said Jaclyn Lopez, a Center attorney based in Florida. “With the bats’ habitat being rapidly degraded and fragmented, protection can’t come soon enough.” Open fresh water and wetlands provide prime foraging habitat for the Florida bonneted bat, while trees and human-made structures are used for roosting.    Continue reading