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Cove Guardian Report: Operation Infinite Patience

31 Oct

Week 6 of more senseless dolphin killing in the famous Cove of Taiji, Japan

An armada of fishing boats drives a pod of Risso’s dolphins into the Cove. Photo: Cristina Cely

Report by Cove Guardians Leader Rosie Kunneke

Sunday, October 23, was another horrible day in Taiji. The dolphin killers drove in a pod of 10-12 Risso’s dolphins into the Cove and brutally murdered the entire pod including a baby. These killers have no respect for the lives of sentient beings and they hide behind their so-called culture. They walk around the butcher house in amusement while their arms, hands, and pants are covered in blood, and a police force, some in riot gear, protect their disgusting deeds.

After witnessing the death of the Risso’s dolphins, one of the false killer whales was loaded into a wooden crate and onto a waiting truck. We found out that this false killer whale was bought by Izu Mito Sea Paradise in the Shizuoka Prefecture. The staff from this resort had to wait around on the pier while the

Cove Guardian Cristina Cely at work.

dolphin killers were killing and butchering the dolphins, before the dolphin killers could assist with the capturing of the resort’s newest false killer whale.

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Ocean Defense Updates

4 Sep

Waters Run Red: Dozens of Pilot Whales killed in the Faeroe Islands

Pilot whales slaughtered in the Faeroes in 2010, photo: Sofia Jonsson

50 to 100 pilot whales were driven into a fjord at Vestmanna in the Faeroe Islands around noon today where every adult male, female, and calf was killed in a massacred that stained the waters a deep scarlet.

This followed in the recent wake of Sea Shepherd’s departure from the Faeroes after successfully preventing the killing during Operation Ferocious Isles Pilot Whale Defense Campaign. Sea Shepherd’s limited budget dictated that they could only spend two months in the Faeroes, during which time no whales were killed.

The pilot whale grind is similar to the annual dolphin slaughter in Japan, documented in the Academy Award-winning film, The Cove. The main difference, and thus challenge for Sea Shepherd, is that there are at least 23 different coves in the Faeroes where a grind could potentially take place, as opposed to one main cove in Taiji. Sea Shepherd has been actively opposing and confronting the Faeroese grind since 1985. Sea Shepherd’s website lists a number to report a “grind” by calling: +45 36 96 08

Divine Wind Buys Time for Dolphins in Taiji

Excerpt from recent commentary by Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society: “The annual horrific program of massacring defenseless dolphins officially began in Taiji, Japan on September 1, but thanks to the timely arrival of Typhoon Talas, the killing has been delayed for at least a week. The sea is not being very kind to Japan this year but then again, Japan has not been very kind to the sea for some time.

The fishermen of Taiji in Wakayama Prefecture pride themselves in dragging the reputation of Japan through the mud by continuing what has now become the most barbarically cruel, and bloody vicious dolphin slaughter in the world.”

Divers group works to retrieve abandoned fishing gear

Volunteer divers work to remove 800 pounds of discarded fishing net from the ocean bottom Tuesday near the Coronado Islands. Photo courtesy of Ocean Defenders Alliance

Southern California divers with the Orange County-based nonprofit Ocean Defenders Alliance went out this week to retrieve the net. Ocean Defenders’ mission is to locate and remove abandoned fishing gear—often called “ghost gear”—that can ensnare all kinds of marine life. Heavy waves can also drag nets and traps along the ocean floor, damaging reefs, kelp and other habitat.

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