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The Earth First! Journal, Liberal Politics and Ted Kaczynski Walk Into a Bar…

25 Mar
[Editors Note: The following article is re-posted for our readers enjoyment, and though we must recognize that it is a rather cheap and factually incorrect hit piece, it is, nevertheless, kinda interesting for us to appear in the UK Daily Mail, in a 7-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon spin-off kind-OF-WAY. Please enjoy.]

from the UK Daily Mailthe_unobama_obama_unabomber_evil_twin_card-p137308143469521997bh2r3_400

As New Mexico Sen. Martin Heinrich prepared to visit the Oval Office to mark the birth of a new national park in his home state, revelations emerged about his past partnership with an environmental extremist who pleaded guilty to plotting an eco-sabotage crime against a nuclear power plant in 1990. Continue reading