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Tibet Glaciers Melting Due to South Asian Pollution

25 Mar

Tibet 05 03 Nojin Kangtsang and Glacier From Karo La

from the Economic Times

BEIJING: About 90 per cent of glaciers in Tibet called the Third Pole region, are shrinking because of black carbon pollution “transferred from South Asia” to the Tibetan Plateau, a Chinese scientist has warned.

The Third Pole region, which is centred on the Tibetan Plateau and concerns the interests of the surrounding countries and regions, covers more than five million square kilometres and has an average altitude of more than 4,000 metres. Continue reading

Man killed by Chinese police in Tibet mining protest

19 Aug

One Tibetan was shot dead and six others arrested on Aug. 15 as Chinese security forces dispersed a crowd of some 1,000 Tibetans protesting against the re-opening of an environmentally destructive mine in Markham County of Chamdo Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region.  The protesters belonged to the county’s Choeten Town and the deceased has been described as a man named Nyima.
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Tibetan Activist Sets Himself On Fire To Protest Chinese President’s Visit To India

30 Mar

Tibetan activist Jamphel Yeshi

Prior to the arrival of Chinese president Hu Jintao in the Indian capital of Delhi, a Tibetan activist named Jamphel Yeshi set himself on fire in protest during a demonstration, suffering severe burns that covered most of his body. The 27-year-old Tibetan exile ran screaming down the street as flames licked at his body before he collapsed on the ground, where fellow protesters tried to beat out the flames.

Once Yeshi’s inferno was finally put out, Indian doctors transported him to a local hospital. “His condition is very critical,” said Sonam Wangyal, one of Yeshi’s cousins. “The doctors had to do an operation to get him breathing.”

Yeshi’s self-immolation occurred near the Indian parliament in the center of Delhi, following a march by several hundred Tibetans to protest the Chinese president’s visit. Jintao is visiting India to participate in a meeting of “Brics” (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) leaders, according to the BBC.

“No one knew of his plans,” Wangyal said. “He did this act to fight for the rights of all the Tibetans.”

Over recent months, at least 25 Tibetans have set themselves ablaze to protest against Beijing’s rule over the region. Many of those who participated were monks, but most of the self-immolations took place in the Tibetan parts of the Sichuan province; this is only the second incident to occur in India in recent years. In 2011, a Tibetan exile similarly set himself on fire outside the Chinese embassy, but only suffered minor burns.

The struggle of Tibetans against Chinese colonization and industrial expansion certainly has an ecological component as well, which was identified in a story posted on the Earth First! Newswire earlier this year about the Tibetan village of Abin battling a gold mine on the sacred Mount Kawagebo, where villagers attempts to deal directly with the mining company resulted in threats and violence from agents hired by the company, and arrests by local police Continue reading