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No Justice! No Peace! Getting Wild in the Streets

14 Jul

Riots in Oakland, CA, following verdict in Trayvon Martin’s killing by George Zimmerman

from Earth First! Journal Cascadia Office

“The only justice that can come is by organizing in our communities to dispose of this perpetual crime against nature known as the US…”

The nation is in an uproar and the whole world is watching. Zimmerman, clearly the murderer of a black boy, was acquitted and we all watched it happen like a terrible train wreck. But justice coming out of the trial was impossible from the beginning. There can be no justice, no peace.

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If The Hunger Games can’t ignite an eco-rebellion…

3 Apr

"Make the Odds Be Ever in Our Favor"

According to this fresh review of the Hunger Games book trilogy and recent film adaptation, written from a unique Earth First! perspective: “Hands down, The Hunger Games is pop culture’s best contribution yet to the growing eco-rebellion.”

Check it out here, in the EF! Newswire’s “Reviews” section.