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A Threatened Snail in the Path of Rosemont Copper Mine

25 Jul

By Samantha Bare / Cronkite News

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Tuesday that it will begin a yearlong review to determine whether the Sonoran talussnail is threatened, specifically by the proposed Rosemont Copper mine.

The action is in response to a petition by the Center for Biological Diversity, which claims that the snail is just one of several species of plants and animals threatened by the proposed mine southeast of Tucson.

“They’re going to blast a mile-wide open pit,” said Tierra Curry, a conservation biologist for the center. “That would literally just blow up the populations of the snail.”

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ReWilding the West

1 Jul

Remembering a Tucson Radical

by Russ McSpadden / Earth First! News

[The text of this work is free to share and distribute under the following Creative Commons License CC-BY-ND 3.0]

Most of the heroes of the Wild West, the rootin’ tootin’ movie cowboys, sheriffs, miners, ranchers, saloon owners and cavalry generals, had a real knack for replacing all the wild land they got a hold of with profiteering schemes. These are the folks that actually killed the Wild West, bought it up, fenced it in, murdered and incarcerated many of its indigenous people, destroyed its communities with alcoholism, stripped its land, averted and drained its waters, blasted its mountains, decimated its wildlife, made extinct its wolves and jaguars and generally can be thanked for the Bone-Dry SuburbanTame West of today. I’m saying, as far as wild goes, these boys paved the way for the wild-ass time you are having right now working your service job slinging coffee to hipsters.

No, the real heroes of the Wild West would have to actually fight to keep the place wild. They’d want to burn the banks and the miner camps, fend off the encroachment of a domesticating middle-class culture and take pot shots at the troops from the Dragoons. They might even take a bullet for a mountain lion.

Not too long ago we had just such a fellow out here in Tucson, and seeing as its his birthday on July 3rd it might be nice to remember this real Wild West hero for some of the amazing and crazy shit he did to fight for what wild we got left out there,and inside of ourselves as well.

Rod Coronado, who is turning 47 this year, is a Yaqui Pascua Indian, a writer and poet, a father, lover of nature and animals, felon and eco-anarchist. He’s the kind of guy that could tell you all about the native flowers growing out of the cracks in the sidewalk and how to make rudimentary bombs, though he’s done with the latter these days. Akin to the wily, earth loving and dangerous characters in Edward Abbey’s novel The Monkeywrench Gang, [and remember, Abbey was also a Tucson local] Coronado was a real outlaw for the wild, not a violent human in terms of hurting people, but also not afraid to utterly destroy any non-sentient instrument of oppression.

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House Bill Passes: Border Patrol Trumps Environment

20 Jun

U.S.-Mexico Border wall blocking free migration

from the Arizona Daily Star

WASHINGTON — The Republican-controlled U.S. House approved a bill today that would allow the Border Patrol to circumvent more than a dozen environmental laws on all federally managed lands within 100 miles of the borders with Mexico and Canada.

The newest member of Congress, Tucson Democrat Ron Barber, crossed party lines to vote for the bill shortly after he was sworn into office Tuesday Continue reading

Shut Down the Corporations: Report from F29 actions against ALEC

29 Feb

Rising Tide North America sent out this report today about the Shut Down the Corporations call to action: “#F29 is off to bang this morning with actions across the country. big props to our Rising Tide & Occupy comrades in Portland for initiating this great day of action.

The target of the day is the American Legislative Exchange Commission, or ALEC, & their member corporations. ALEC is the shadowy front group that has been pushing a right wing agenda on everything from labor to climate change.

Here’s some updates:

-OccupyLA is blockading a massive Wal-Mart Distro Center
-Occupy Wall Street had a teach-in with Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibbi & is seeing marches to Pfizer, blockades at Bank of America & lots of heavy handed police repression (shocking, we know)
-OccupyDC is blockading Monsanto’s offices
-Actions are stepping off in Arizona, Salt Lake City, Connecticut, Hattiesburg, MS, Fargo, ND, Lakeland, FL, Tampa, FL, and Winston-Salem, NC.
-Today at 1130, OccupyPortland has organized a mass march to visit all ALEC offices in the city.

here’s the Global Live Blog if you want to keep up

Great article this morning on Mother Jones

…solidarity, RTNA News”

And check out this video of a blockade of G4S security company today in Tucson, AZ:

News Roundup 5/23

23 May

Six activists locked down inside the border patrol’s lobby here in Tucson, and they all were cited and released. Just walked away, and felt damn good about it. They won the local news cycle, sending racist cops a strong message. But they didn’t expect to get away, and our sources say they were prepared to sit in jail at least through the weekend. Anybody planning similar actions should be similarly prepared.

The new EF! UK Action Update is out. Here’s the print version. Both are in PDF.

Support GI Resistance by attending the UXO Tour!

We got the mountain defenders’ bail reduced to $2500!

Martin and Bryant were offered a deal of 5 days time-served and 55 days community service, along with the conditions that they remain on house arrest for the 55 days, leaving only for community service hours, and plead guilty to trespass and conspiracy.

Bryant took the deal and will be getting out of jail Monday. EmmaKate did not immediately take the deal.

Like in Tucson, the theme here in WV is be prepared. These CGZ folks made the decision to intentionally go to jail for their beliefs, and that’s what happened. They were mentally and physically ready for it (hopefully). At least one is also under house arrest for awhile. They apparently believe that blocking Massey’s Road for a minute, and the media coverage that comes with, is worth the next 60 days of their lives. We’ve heard that more people with such strong convictions are needed out in the mountains, because MTR SUCKS.

The first EF! Journal Release Party will take place in Florida!

The Everglades EF! Journal release party is 5/24 Monday, 7pm at the Night Heron Grassroots Activist Center, 1307 Central Terrace.

We will be commemorating Judi Bari’s life and work, as well as celebrating to EEF! folks whose legal matters (panagioti and stevie) have been resolved, without going back to jail. Both got out of jail on appellate bonds from actions against FPL (who are now calling themselves ‘NextEra Enrgy’), for the WCEC and Barley Barber.

And finally, we will be discussing the ‘Skunk Ape Proxy’ featured in the new EF!J.

Farmers in Haiti have committed to burning 475 tons of genetically modified, pesticide-treated FrankenCorn Seed donated by Monsanto.

Maybe we should just eat industrially farmed bugs.

The Big Oil Spill sludges onward.

The Richardson Grove EIR has been released by CALTRANS. It of course finds “no significant impact on the human environment.” Well, some environmentalist humans in Humboldt think otherwise and are still set for an action camp on 28 May.

Some EF!ers are having a Regional Rendezvous in the Globe Forest in NC. Seems like a pretty good operation they’ve got out there, with a great website full of great information. It’s at least an even bet that they’ll save that forest out there. Forest defense has a lot of potential in the South, which is being deforested faster than any other US region, especially when it’s fresh like in WV, with tactics the locals haven’t necessarily seen before. And on that note, we found this on their blog and thought it worth re-posting:

Top Ten Endangered Areas in the South for 2009:

  1. Clinch and Powell Rivers (Virginia) Issue: Construction of a new coal-fired power plant in Wise County will accelerate mountaintop removal mining in Appalachia, and further increase mercury levels in the Clinch and Powell rivers.
  2. Interstate 81 Corridor (Virginia) Issue: Virginia officials are reexamining a plan to widen all 325 miles of I-81 to perhaps eight lanes to support long-haul truck traffic – a plan that would cost billions of dollars and cause tremendous harm to communities and historic, scenic, and environmental resources.
  3. Marine Waters (Virginia) Issue: Virginia is the first state in our region to begin the process of opening up its marine waters to offshore drilling for oil and gas. The benefit of this short-term supply of energy is dramatically outweighed by the harm to the environment and communities.
  4. Globe Forest (North Carolina) Issue: Destruction of rare, old-growth forest in the Southern Appalachians.
  5. Pamlico River (North Carolina) Issue: The single largest destruction of wetlands in North Carolina’s history will occur if a phosphate mining company gets permission to expand its operations on the river’s banks.
  6. Great Pee Dee River (South Carolina) Issue: Santee Cooper, a state-owned utility, is proposing to build more coal-fired power plants with outdated technology that would dump an additional 300 pounds of mercury into an already mercury-overloaded river.
  7. Johns Island (South Carolina) Issue: A $420 million highway proposal threatens to bring large-scale development to this historic community, transforming the island into a sea of condos, mega-stores, and traffic.
  8. Salt Marshes (Georgia) Issue: Large-scale development on biologically rich islands and tidal waters.
  9. Weeks Bay (Alabama) Issue: Unchecked development and weak regulation threatens an area so unique it is one of only three in Alabama to receive the designation of Outstanding Natural Resource Water.
  10. Cherokee National Forest (Northeast Tennessee) Issue: The U.S. Forest Service is moving forward with its plans to log several areas of this remarkable landscape, endangering trout, unbroken wildlife habitat and rare species.”

EF! Journal Benefit Show!

15 May

Press Release Below:

Get Your Groove on and Support Local Activism at the Grassroots Groovin’ Celebration!

The second annual Grassroots Groovin’ celebration kicks off at the The Hut on May 29. The event features a diverse lineup of high-energy music acts and is the perfect opportunity to support local grassroots projects and campaigns working for social change and sustainability… Continue reading

News Roundup 5/13

13 May

Skytruth estimates that, actually,  1.1 million gallons of oil per day are now spilling into the Gulf. The feds won’t reveal any actual information about the amount, because that would lead to cleanup costs billions of $ higher than the current estimate of less than $1 billion.

Tucson students walked out of school and occupied a state building downtown in protest of a new law canceling ethnic studies in all Arizona schools. Pictures here.

Here’s an update on Scott DeMuth, Minnesota’s favorite grand jury resister. Some friends of his are going on a roadshow this summer to raise money for his legal defense. Here’s their support site.

A bunch of badasses pulled off an awesome direct action at the Westin Hotel in SF:

Make sure you sleep with the right people if you’re going to this year’s Pride. More info here. This action brought to you by the Brass Liberation Orchestra.

Check out the Dark Mountain Project: primitivism gone mainstream in the UK. They’re having an “UnCivilisation Gathering” at the end of the month, tickets being £60 apiece payable by credit/debit/paypal online. Oh, the irony.

Over 33,000 mink, native to North America, have escaped from fur farms in Ireland. Now the Irish government is paying 3 full-time trappers over £1 million over five years to trap as many of them as possible and then shoot the captives with .22s. Of course, pine martens, stoat or hedgehogs will be inadvertently caught in the traps as well, but they’ll supposedly be released “unharmed”. Maybe this wouldn’t be a problem if Ireland hadn’t allowed fur farms in the first place. Northern Ireland doesn’t. More info here on Irish fur farms and those trying to shut ’em down.

And here’s an awesome new anti-mining site from the Philippines.