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TWAC Maine October 19th-21st!

22 Aug

twacmainefrom TWAC

Trans and/or Womyn’s Action Camp, October 19 – 21. Augusta region, Maine.

Who: TWAC is an action camp for folks who identify as female and/or trans, gender queer and gender variant. This space is not for people who were assigned male identities and continue to identify that way. TWAC Maine aims to bring folks together to grow solidarity and community in our region of the world.

What: TWAC Maine is inspired by similar action camps around the country, committed to building safer spaces and united cultures of resistance. At TWAC we will share campaign information, organizing and direct action skills in a conscientious and empowering environment for voices often marginalized. At then end of the camp we will take collective action, as decided by those who attend.

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BREAKING: TWAC Blocking Portland Transcanada Office with Tripod

29 Jul


Update: The action has been declared a success as businesses were forced to lock their doors and close their blinds – apparently the dance party was just too much for them! In addition, all TWAC activists have avoided arrest and gear was not confiscated.

by Niko / Earth First! Newswire

A tripod has been erected at the entrance of a building that houses a TransCanada office, blocking the entrance and causing businesses inside to lock the doors. Protesters outside have responded with a very glittery and colorful dance party in front of the building and a banner that reads “No Tar Sands On Native Lands. Stop Genocide.”


This action was organized by the Trans and Womyns Action Camp (TWAC), a direct action group for women and trans* and gender-variant folks. A correspondent from TWAC said that they took action today “to stand in solidarity with communities that are affected disproportionately by tar sands, including everyone in Alberta who is forced to live in areas of tar sands oil extraction, folks near the Gulf Coast affected by tar sand refinement plants, and communities who are living on the pipeline route.” With conditions on the Gulf Coast already toxic, high rates of asthma and cancer are becoming the norm, and the arrival of tar sands will only worsen these conditions. In the Athabaska watershed in Alberta, communities have seen the rise of a large number of rare cancers, and First Nations communities have been affected most heavily.


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Why I Love TWAC

22 Apr

…Even though I’ll never go to one

by some cis-male, for the Earth First! Newswire

If you travel in activist circles (or you read the EF! Newswire), you’ve likely heard of TWAC—the Trans and Womyns’ Action Camp—by now. And if you’re a person who lives life identifying with the male gender that you were assigned and socialized with since birth, hearing about it is as close as you’ll get.

So listen and learn all you can fellas, cause the folks who have been dedicated to organizing TWAC gatherings and actions are at the forefront of the grassroots direct action movement. Perhaps you’ll want to start by watching this kick-ass new video from their post-camp action against GEO Group in south Florida earlier this month (or, for a twisted view, check out this wingut from Lake Worth’s take on the TWAC/Earth First! conspiracy.) …

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TWAC Storms Prison Industry Giant GEO Group’s HQ in Boca Raton

9 Apr

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[Update: As of 10:40 am, four TWAC folks who were occupying the GEO lobby have been arrested. The police removed the doors to the building to get them out. Sounds like that might be an inconvenience! We are told donations towards legal support can be made here. Check out a video from the corporate media here. For those who missed the story last week, TWAC organizers also confronted the history of colonization and genocide in St. Augustine by disrupting a re-enactment of Ponce de Leon “discovering” Florida. Bad-asses.]


Hot New Video! 

TWAC Occupying GEO Group 2 4-9-13

TWAC storms the GEO Group HQ in Boca Raton

by EF! Newswire

The movement powerhouse which has come to be known across the country as TWAC, the Trans and Womyns’ Action Camp, has done it again!

This morning at 9am, following the first east coast TWAC camp, which took place in south Florida, activists stormed the lobby of GEO Group a prison-for-profit corporation located at 621 NW 53rd Street, Suite 700, Boca Raton, FL, 33487.

TWAC Occupying GEO Group 4-9-13

TWAC occupying GEO Group lobby

Two folks u-locked themselves to lobby doors, keeping them open long enough for a crowd to enter and disrupt business as usual for GEO Group (who is still reeling from an ass-whooping by FAU students which got their name kicked off the Boca campus’ new sports stadium.)

As of 10am, we’ve received updates that police have locked exterior doors to building with 5 activist remaining inside blocking office doors.  A crowd of 40 remains outside chanting and raising a ruckus. The entire road into the business complex of the GEO corporate office has been blocked by law enforcement!

TWAC, which was born out of the Earth First! movement in the Pacific Northwest, has become a leading example of linking struggles to grow a more effective solidarity-based grassroots direct action movement.

Women and trans folks out there feeling like you missed out? Don’t fret. TWAC Cascadia will be holding an ecodefense action camp this Summer in western Oregon, July 23-29, 2013: “a week of discussion, skillshares, networking, workshops, story telling, and action.”

The morning’s TWAC press release had this to say, in English and Spanish, about GEO Group:   Continue reading

Occupation of Oregon Department of Forestry office

2 Aug

Action in protest of clear cutting plans

By Earth First! Journal collective
Mollala, OR—As a culmination of the annual Trans and Women’s Action Camp (TWAC), activists occupied the regional Oregon Department of Forestry office. Three members of the camp locked themselves together inside the office using modified pipes, refusing to leave until the Oregon Department of Forestry revoke their support for the 2011 Elliott State Forest Management Plan.

The group occupying the office stated that yesterday was the last opportunity for citizens to comment on the plan. Activists involved in the action criticized the plan for opening up areas to logging which were previously off limits. They also criticized the plan for increasing clear cutting to boost local timber jobs while not making any decisive moves to regulate or even monitor the large timber export industry which ships logs and jobs overseas.

The TWAC was formed out of a need to make space for marginalized identities that otherwise may not be represented within the broader push for environmental justice. This action is organized and carried out by women and transgendered people.

According to OregonLive.com: The three people, whose identities have not been released, will be charged with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct and will be booked in Clackamas County Jail.

In addition to Molalla police, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office deployed seven members of its Community Emergency Response Team to assist in dealing with crowd control.

The group was in protest of the state forestry department plans to clear-cut a total of 87 acres, mostly mature Douglas Fir, as part of the Elkhorn Ranch timber sale. The protesters have objected to the proposed logging in the forest because it could threaten wildlife in the area.

Recent road blockade in the Elliot State Forest, photo from benjaminbrayfield.wordpress.com

Last week, three people from the group were arrested at the timber sale site after perching on aerial platforms installed high in two trees. Two dozen people also blockaded roads and climbed trees in objection to the sale and deforestation.

Police spokesman Det. Scott Douglas said Oregon 211 had to be closed because members of the group were initially interfering with traffic. The roadway was re-opened at about 3:30 p.m.  Many of the protesters were inside the office from around 10:45 a.m., and began disrupting workers in the building with their chanting. The continued presence of the protesters lead to officials deciding to close the office early for the day.

“It’s a shame, really,” said Douglas. “This office mostly deals with fire suppression and has nothing to do with what’s going on in the Coos Bay area forest.”

Meredith Cocks, an organizer of the TWAC from Portland, OR, had a different opinion: “It’s absolutely devastating to walk into the middle of a clearcut in the Elliott and know that after decades of fighting for forest protection this sort of logging is still accepted on public lands. This is some of our last intact coastal rainforest, a precious place that deserves our respect, not to be decimated by the ODF.”

Shout-out for the Trans and Womyn’s Action Camp!

12 May

So the last TWAC was a big success and enjoyed by a whole lot of folks. It featured some awesome workshops.

That’s why there’s gonna be another one: