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Virtual Cage Match of the Eco-Revolution

27 Mar

Stepping into the ring of online news media: Dick Cheney, Unobama, Sen. Heinrich, Young Dave Foreman and the Ghost of Judi Bari

by Panagioti, Earth First! Newswire

rev cage matchWe’re flattered to see what seems to be a renewed international interest in Earth First! (EF!) from industrial-ass-kissing idiotic right-wing lackeys—so much so that we thought we’d highlight some of the recent fervor, and even throw in our own tw0-cents.

There have been a few full articles, like those of and scoffing at the fictitious EF!-fringe “EAT IT” which we featured on the EF! Newswire last month, or UK’s Daily Mail tabloid last week which connected EF! to a grand conspiracy that tied a Democratic Party Senator, Obama, Ted Kaczynski and the ghost of Dave Foreman’s EF! past all together in one fell swoop.

But to really understand the praise and attention of the right-wing “conservatives,” one must enter into the realm of their one true stronghold where they enjoy an over-abundance of grassroots public support: the invisible world of anonymous online comments.   Continue reading

Earth First! Journal Ruffles the Right Wing

21 Feb

Here at the Earth First! Newswire, we generally strive to steer clear of identifying along the Left/Right political spectrum, but we can’t help make note of some gratifying recent attention from so-called conservatives. (What is it that they are conserving again?)

J. Christian Adams

J. Christian Adams

Back in December 2012, J. Christian Adams of PJ Media highlighted “EAT (IT)”, a tongue-in-cheek contribution to the EF!J’s Beltane 2012 edition, in his articleEarth First Journal Assassination Hit List”

He even included nice large pictures of CEOs and FBI informants from EAT (IT)’s list of suggested prank targets, such as Aubrey McClendon and Brandon Darby. Continue reading