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Wild & Weird: Adapt to Air Pollution by… Growing Your Nose Hair Out?

24 Dec

by the Center for Biological DiversityHeadshot_posters_final

Worried about all that air pollution in your city? No wonder; worldwide, such pollution prematurely kills about 1.3 million people every year, according to the World Health Organization. But for the nasally hirsute among us, there seems to be an advantage, say new studies: People blessed with fuller, longer manes of nose hair are three times less likely to develop pollution-related asthma.

Clean Air Asia has developed an interactive hairy nose metric map that demonstrates, depending on the air quality of your city (if you live in Asia), the length and style of nose hair you’ll need to survive. Live in Beijing? Well, let’s just say you may want to watch the musical Hair for inspiration: “Give me a [nose] with hair, long, beautiful hair…”

For those of you opposed to Rogaine in the nostrils, we suggest you take steps to help get rid of air pollution instead of adapting to it, er, follicularly.

Check out Clean Air Asia’s interactive pollution map to find out how long you’ll need to grow your nose hair; watch a “documentary” on the life of a nose-hair artist.

Codex Alimentarius Endangers Health Freedom, Creates Global Nutricide

16 Sep

Health freedom activists have been warning about the dangers of Codex Alimentarius for years, revealing the strict universal food codes to be population control under the guise of consumer protection. In this video, Dr. Rima Laibow explains the details of this secretive and silent allegiance between the World Trade Organization and Big Biotechnology.

This week saw Codex Alimentarius’ decision to include cancer-causing Aspartame-​Acesulfame Salt, Sorbates and Sucroglycerides in its official list of permitted food additives.

In this week’s Examiner article, The Illusion of Health Freedom: You Are Free To Eat Exactly What You’re Told, author Dee Nicholson investigates how corporate giants like Monsanto are telling our government what they want, with government ignoring the harm and protecting their profits.

Frito Lay Catches Fire for Mislabeling GMO Products

29 Dec
By Gina-Marie Cheeseman

A lawsuit was filed against Frito-Lay a few weeks ago in federal court for marketing snacks as natural that contain genetically modified, or GMO ingredients. The lawsuit, filed by the law firm Milberg LLP, has one plaintiff, Julie Gengo of Richmond, California. The New York City based Milberg has offices in Los Angeles, Tampa and Detroit.

Frito Lay’s website still states: “We’re proud to make so many of the Frito-Lay snacks you love with all natural ingredients.” Last April, Frito-Lay announced that about 50 percent of its product portfolio will be made with “all natural” ingredients by the end of this year. A press release called it the “largest product transformation in the company’s history,” and went on to state that the products will not contain “any artificial or synthetic ingredients.”

Apparently GMO ingredients are considered to be “all natural” to Frito-Lay.Perhaps the powers that be at the company need to read the World Health Organization’s definition of GMO:

“Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) can be defined as organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally. The technology is often called ‘modern biotechnology’ or ‘gene technology,’ sometimes also ‘recombinant DNA technology’ or ‘genetic engineering.’ It allows selected individual genes to be transferred from one organism into another, also between non-related species.”

The law suit highlights the fact that the U.S. does not require food or beverage with GMO ingredients to be labeled as such. Milberg’s website states that over 70 percent of the foods on grocery store shelves in the U.S. contain GMO ingredients, “which economically benefit the companies that produce them.” The majority of companies do not disclose if their products contain GMO ingredients.

Not only is your cell phone an effective tracking device…

31 May

According to an Associated Press article today, A respected international panel of scientists says cellphones are possible cancer-causing agents, putting them in the same category as the pesticide DDT and gasoline engine exhaust. 

The classification was issued Tuesday in Lyon, France, by the International Agency for Research on Cancer after a review of dozens of published studies. The agency is an arm of the World Health Organization and its assessment now goes to WHO and national health agencies for possible guidance on cellphone use. The same cancer research agency who conducted the study also lists night shift work as a probable carcinogen. 

For some strange reason, the cellphone industry trade group, CTIA—The Wireless Association, was not convinced. In their response, they pointed to two US agencies that have found no evidence cellphones are linked to cancer—the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Communications Commission. 

While a lesser known think tank, the Ludd-Kaczynski Institute for Sustainable Demolition (LKISD), agrees that cellphones, car exhaust and wage work is probably melting your brain, their research suggests a possible exception. Regarding night work, LKISD scientist Clinton Tyree says frequent eco-sabotage in the wee hours of the evening may counteract the plague of plague of industrial civilization, especially when directed against corporate scum and their government lackeys…