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The Yuppie-Manventure-Industrial Complex

31 Jan

Profiteering Gentlebros of the Wilderness

by Caity Weaver / Gawker

Do you have a Y-chromosome and also a keenly refined rustic aesthetic? Are you eager to go camping but hesitant to put yourself in a position where you could ever be out-of-doors? Do you have $40 to blow on a hand-stitched “masculine, yet understated” leather keychain?

Sounds like you’re in the market for a fastidiously planned adventure.

The Wilderness Collective is a company that specializes in curating artisanal manliness by coordinating expeditions that invite robust young gentlebros “to find out what [they] are made of; to be measured by the wilderness.” For $2,500 ($3,500 with bike rental), you can “reclaim masculinity through adventure.” Included in the cost is a videographer on-hand to record the masculine rebirth for sick Facebook videos. Continue reading