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Elephant Tramples Poacher To Death In Zimbabwe: Report

15 May

Cross Posted From Huffington Post

An elephant in Zimbabwe reportedly trampled a poacher who was attempting to kill the wild animal.

Solomon Manjoro, a suspected poacher, was trampled to death by an elephant in Charara National Park in Gatshe-Gatshe, Kariba, according to the state-run Zimbabwe newspaper The Sunday Mail. Manjoro and his friend Noluck Tafuruka are said to have visited the park between April 19 and 26, armed with two rifles, for the purpose of hunting. The deceased poacher is thought to have tried to shoot the elephant before he was trampled.

Manjoro’s remains were found after Tafuruka was arrested on charges of possessing firearms without a license, The Sunday Mail reports. A third man linked to the poaching incident was also arrested.

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Villagers Sue Diamond Firms for Pollution in Zimbabwe

9 Sep

Slave laborers in a diamond mine in Zimbabwe

Report by Caiphas Chimhete, original story from The Standard

The Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA) and villagers living along Save River are seeking a court order to bar three diamond mining companies in Marange district from polluting water sources.
ZELA is a common law trust established to promote environmental justice in the country. In a High Court application last week, ZELA and the villagers alleged that Anjin Investments (Chinese corporation that recently replaced striking workers with child laborers), Marange Resources (owned by corrupt billionaire Mhlanga) and Diamond Mining Corporation (DMC) were polluting Save, Singwizi and Odzi rivers with sewage, chemicals and metal deposits.

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