Dear valued EF! Journal supporter,

  You have been re-directed to this message because you have just made a payment to the Earth First! Journal using paypal. Thank you. The Journal deeply values your ongoing support, keep it coming!

  Please keep the following in mind… The EF! Journal is a quarterly publication which attempts to come out four times per year. This implies that it is also possible to donate/subscribe to the journal and not receive material in the mail for up to three months, depending on when the paypal payment was received in relationship to the latest mailing. Additionally, we are often facing financial hardship which unfortunately forces us to post-pone mailings (and sometimes beg you for money). If you believe that you should have already received something from us but have not or if something is wrong with your order please contact us at: phone: (561) 320-3840 or contact:

Thank you again for your support and for all your work in defense of the wild,

the Earth First! Journal collective

Check out our websites at:,,

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