EF! Prisoner Support

“At the dawn of industrialism, factories were modeled after prisons; in its twilight, prisons are now modeled after factories.” —Os Cangaceiros

Supporting prisoners from our struggle is one important facet of the Earth First! movement.

The focus of our prisoner support and post-prison support is on eco-prisoners, caged animal liberationists and prisoners of indigenous land struggles, who share an Earth First! biocentric viewpoint, either in the actions which lead to their arrest or in their general activism.

Eco-prisoner List
Post-release Support
Political Prisoners of Allied Struggles
Prisoner Support Resources

It is clearly a new era in the ecological movement. We have never known a time with this many people imprisoned for their involvement in explicitly biocentric struggle. While we do not make any assumptions of guilt for the state’s allegations not accepted openly by individual prisoners, our position is not to pass judgment on the chosen tactics of those who have accepted political responsibility for their actions. If they are listed on this site, it is because we respect the urgency reflected in their actions, or their ideas (as some prisoners are guilty only of thought-crime).  Whether or not we condone specific tactics does not change our feeling that the listed prisoners reflect a level of courage and commitment that so many dream of and long for.

EF! prisoner support is ONLY for those who refuse to cooperate with law enforcement. Cooperation entails the passing of any information to law enforcement which can be used to subpoena, arrest or prosecute another person. This includes (but is not necessarily limited to) giving agents the names, locations, activities or associations of other individuals, whether before, during or after trial. There is never any excuse to aid law enforcement in their witch hunts, as this will only put other people in the same position; try to imagine the heartache that this will cause other people. In addition, snitches often receive the same or higher sentences, regardless of their cooperation.

Groups with evidence of cooperation have an obligation to make that information public. By our standards, if an individual cooperates with the government, all forms of support will end immediately. People that accept plea agreements but do not provide information or agree to provide information about other people still deserve and will receive support.  Visit the Informant Tracking section for details and updates about government informants, many of whom are cooperating co-defendants of prisoners we support.


For more information, or to get involved, contact the EF! Prisoner Support Project:
PO Box 163126
Sacramento, CA 95816


For updates on North American EcoPrisoners, see ecoprisoners.org, the North American Earth Liberation Prisoner Support Network. The NA-ELPSN is part of the Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network (ELP), an international network of groups that support people who are accused or convicted of actions taken in defense of the Earth and its inhabitants.  Join their listserv to keep up to date.

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