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“Never Repentant, Never Forgotten” Il Silvestre 3 Released from Swiss Prison

29 Sep

The website posted a translated announcement yesterday, Sept 28, that the last of three Italian eco-anarchist prisoners, Costa Ragusa, was released from prison in Switzerland, Like Billy and Silva, the other two in the Il Silvestre case, the announcement read that they remained “Never repentant – Never forgotten!”

The three had been sentenced for planning an attack against a laboratory of IBM nanotechnology under construction in Zurich.

On Friday, August 24th, 2012, Billy (Luca Bernasconi) sent the following message to supporters, offering some insight on the circumstances surrounding the release:

“Hello to all the comrades,

I left on Sunday, August 19. The judge (was foaming at the mouth!), like Silvia, I am also granted parole having reached two-thirds of the sentence. Finding the warmth of vegan compas, finding sights and words, it’s a pure joy to me.     Continue reading

Video: New documentary about former Eco-Prisoner Jonathan Paul

29 Sep


A short documentary, from the Rescued series, about Jonathan Paul, a former Animal Liberation Front (ALF) activist who served 51 months in federal prison for a series of crimes in defense of animals, including the 1997 arson of the Cavel West horse slaughterhouse in Oregon.

Paul talks about his first raids on a vivisection lab, his life “underground” and the investigation that lead to his arrest.

In other animal liberation news, check out this coverage of a pheasant release at a Canby, Oregon game farm claimed by the ALF last week.

Video: Resisting Shell’s plan to frack Sacred Headwaters in British Colombia

29 Sep

In a remote part of northwestern British Columbia lies the Sacred Headwaters. It’s where three important wild salmon rivers originate – the Skeena, Nass and Stikine. First Nations and local communities depend on the vitality of the Headwaters for their livelihoods. And yet, this is a paradise in peril. Shell plans to frack for coalbed methane gas in the region. ForestEthics Advocacy made this digital short to highlight the community members who call this stunning corner of the world their home.

To find out more about this effort, check out ForestEthics’ solidarity campaign.

From the Woods: Tar Sands blockade update

28 Sep

I’m currently part of a team of awesome friends roving through the woods of east Texas as part of the Tar Sands Blockade (TSB). This is an epic fight to defend Texans’ homes and land against the clearcutting and pollution caused by the building of the massive Keystone XL pipeline.

The media team for TSB are doing an awesome job of updating our website as TransCanada (TC) and their hired goons advance toward our blockade with heavy equipment and repeatedly endanger our people in some scary ways. A friend and I thought that allies of the TSB might appreciate an on-the-ground perspective, and so before I go back to defending our blockade I thought I’d update y’all.
     The forest of east Texas is totally beautiful. Water oak, sweet gum and slash pine trees define the canopy, and green briar, muscadine grapes and beautyberry bushes cover the ground. This forest is home to great blue herons, turkey vultures, whippoorwills, lots of deer, rattlers and other snakes, armadillos, and even occasional black bears. All of these are our natural allies and have been incredibly disturbed by the clear cutting of their home.    Continue reading

Audubon Society sticks nose deeper up ass of GOP

28 Sep

This bird wants an “all of the above” energy policy?!

Spineless eco-lobbyists and right-wing bureaucrats unite against “extremists”

National Audubon and many of the organization’s state groups have long served as a lobbying force in favor of compromise-induced industrial pillage (For those in Florida, think: Eric Draper). Today, they’re stepping it up a notch.

In a statement entitled “Audubon and GOP ConservAmerica launch campaign to bridge partisan divide on environment and energy,” The National Audubon Society and Republican group ConservAmerica announce a “groundbreaking” campaign aimed at “bridging the nation’s bitter partisan divides over energy and the environment.”

The American Eagle Compact supposedly targets conservation and energy development to “counter the partisanship has confused and polarized voters and jeopardized America’s commitment to conserving natural resources for the health of people and wildlife.”

But president and CEO of the National Audubon Society, David Yarnold, lays it out a bit clearer: “Extremists on both sides of the political divide have hijacked America’s conservation movement.”    Continue reading

Armed Struggle for the Redwoods

28 Sep

A belated review of The Big Trees

by panagioti, for the Earth First! Newswire

If you like the idea of blowing up dams, burning down court houses, and standing side-by-side with Quakers in a reluctant armed revolt against the corrupt logging industry—and you can tolerate a tacky romance—you might wanna watch this 1952 film, The Big Trees, starring Eve Miller and Kirk Douglas in a battle for the old-growth Redwoods of Northern Cali.

That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

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San Carlos Apache Make Annual Sacred Run Up Mount Graham

28 Sep

by Lee Allen / Indian Country Today

The annual weeklong San Carlos Apache Mount Graham Sacred Run—up from the Arizona desert reservation to the spirit people living on a mountain top more than 100 miles away—has entered its third decade. As he greeted dozens of tired trekkers of all ages at the end of the journey, event sponsor and former tribal chairman Wendsler Nosie Sr., told them: “You are indigenous. This is your home—where you belong—and here in the woods you need to exercise your rights as an Apache. We want this place back.”

Continue reading