Dave Foreman still aligning with bigots

30 Sep

A co-founder and former editor of the Earth First! Journal, Dave Foreman, once again spotlighted for his association with Apply The Brakes and other anti-immigrant organizations. This time by the Center for New Community’s new article, “Environmentalists Risk Reputations by Aligning with Bigots,” By Jesse Sanes. The following is an excerpt:

In a blog post on the website of Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), environmentalist Dave Foreman got a great deal of praise for his recent book Man Swarm [Ravens Eye Press LLC, 2011] and his message of overpopulation reeking havoc on the world’s ecological systems. The author of the article, Leon Kolankiewicz, is a familiar face from anti-immigrant circles. He is both on Tanton-network front group Progressives for Immigration Reform’s advisory team and is an advisory board member of CAPS.

CAPS is California’s leading anti-immigrant organization and is listed on FAIR’s website as a state contact. CAPS, like FAIR, has received funding from the Pioneer Fund, a foundation that has a long history of promoting the genetic superiority of white, European-Americans through the study of eugenics. Kolankiewicz is also the co-creator of the Sprawl City website, writes for Center for Immigration Studies, and is a former member of Carrying Capacity Network. The Carrying Capacity Network’s president, Virginia Abernethy, is a self-described white separatist.

For Dave Foreman’s part, a long-time ecology activist, he is an Apply the Breaks leader, an organization that helped pioneer the current anti-immigrant co-optation of the environmental movement. He also founded The Rewilding Institute (TWI), which received funding from the Weeden Foundation so that TWI and Apply the Brakes could  “work closely […] to get conservation groups and activists to endorse a position recognizing the role of population growth in harming biodiversity and causing climate change.”       Click to continue reading the article

3 Responses to “Dave Foreman still aligning with bigots”

  1. Mike September 30, 2011 at 9:18 pm #

    While Dave Foreman may be aligning himself with the shit-scum of the earth, the authors of this article come off looking like idiots when they start talking about “Fallacy: Overpopulation is not a real global threat”. Their reasoning for this? If you follow the link that is the word “Fallacy” we see that their reasoning for this is that with increasingly urban populations, the population should top out at a flimsy 9 billion by the year 2050 and drop to 8.3 billion by the year 2175. 9 billion people and 165 years of increasing urbanization and they think we’re gonna make it to 2175!? Talk about a fucking fallacy! While I personally don’t think that overpopulation is an issue we should be organizing around because short of seriously authoritarian measures (or in China’s case, even with them) it’s a losing battle, I think that when leftists say that overpopulation is not a problem they come off looking pretty detached from reality and give the right a certain level of credibility as the only people who will acknowledge the totally obvious (then putting their racist spin on it).

  2. Dawg January 19, 2012 at 1:11 pm #

    Racial insensity on the part of certain parties (you know how you are) aside, overpopulation is a MAJOR problem. More people means needing more jobs, more houses, more cars, more development, more environmental degradation, more wars. At 7 billion and counting fast, this is one issue that needs to be addressed emphatically and yet is steadfastly ignored to everyone’s peril. Obviously, building Berlin Walls in the dessert and arming vigilante rednecks is not the answer. But a serious worldwide campaign to bring down birth rates is and probably the most difficult environmental challange we face due to our intractible need to procreate at an alarming rate.


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