30-Day Canoe Flotilla Against Mining in the North Woods Begins

27 Sep

Set to culminate in a march and rally in St. Paul, Minnesota October 22

Click image for a beautiful poster, Click here for flotilla route and schedule

Now entering its second week, the Precious Waters Flotilla is a 30-day canoe trip from the Polymet Mine Site to the St. Paul Capitol to raise awareness about the proposed sulfide mines in Northeastern Minnesota.

Copper/Nickel Sulfide Mining is a looming threat to the BWCA, Lake Superior and Mississippi watersheds.  It stands to impact everything from the health of the wild rice to the tourism industry.  The largest proposed mine would expose 40,000 tons of sulfide-bearing ore per day for 100 years.  

Flotilla organizers have this to say: “Once people become aware of the extent of these proposals, they will vote them down. In Wisconsin, companies are required to prove that their copper/nickel sulfide mines will not pollute before they are granted permits- and they have not been granted one yet!  We can do this in Minnesota too.”

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